The Growth of Large Packaging


Regina Maiseviciute, Packaging Research Analyst at Euromonitor, explains how the economic downturn impacted consumer purchasing habits, shifting to buying large, bulk, or multi packages of products.

During the downturn, consumers flocked to discounters providing the lowest price pack size. The number of multipacks and larger pack types grew significantly over the recession period. The growth of supermarkets and hypermarkets in less developed regions gave consumers a chance to change their shopping habits from going to the store daily to weekly. As a result, larger packaging was offered in these channels.

Growth in pack sizes can be seen in two examples:

  • In the Philippines, the typical canned fish metal can is 110 or 155 grams. A 2 kilogram can was introduced in 2010.
  • In Russia, a 3 litre PET bottle was developed to contain wine. This packaging is more lightweight, safe, and convenient  than  a glass container.

Larger pack sizes are not expected to disappear during the recovery, rather, pack sizes are expected to grow even larger.

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