The Future Seven: The Next Major Emerging Markets



The Countries & Consumers team at Euromonitor International have chosen the Future Seven markets, which are the next major emerging market economies to watch. The Future Seven are:

  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Mexico
  • Argentina

These seven countries offer large investment opportunities due to their:

  • Expanding economic growth
  • Young and growing population
  • Rising income levels and expanding middle class

Emerging markets are leading the global recovery following the economic recession. Many advanced economies are seeing slowed economic growth due to large public debt, creating a larger role for the Future Seven in world-wide recovery. Their openness to global trade will lead to an improvement in living standards across all seven countries.

However, the future seven do face some challenges due to their status as emerging markets. Income inequality is quite high in most of the future seven economies, and although the population is young and growing, this can only be a benefit if the job markets improve. Some countries were ruled out of the Future Seven because the challenges were too great:

  • Pakistan, Iran, and Thailand were ruled out due to political instability
  • Bangladesh was ruled out because of environmental risks
  • Mexico has been battling drug wars, but neighbors the world’s biggest consumer (United States) and is part of NAFTA, therefore providing opportunities to the country which outweigh its challenges

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