Understanding Promotional Trends and Online Engagement: US Laundry Care

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As companies and retailers compete in an increasingly dynamic e-commerce market, the need to understand promotional benchmarks and trends has never been higher. In this promotional mechanics report, key questions will be addressed in order for companies to plan, strategise and execute promotional campaigns and strategies in a more effective manner.

As online commerce continues to grow due to consumers spending more time at home due to COVID-19 regulations and precautions, the importance of reaching consumers with effective online promotions increases. In order to determine effective promotional strategies and tactics, it is necessary to first have a key understanding of the promotional mechanics within an industry and country.  Furthermore, the ability to understand the impact of those promotions on online engagement and satisfaction is paramount.

With Euromonitor International’s global e-commerce product and price monitoring platform, Via, extracting millions of data points every day for standardised cross-comparison, it is quickly apparent which product categories and market players are seeing high rates of promotions as well as the characteristics of those promotions.  Examining 338,602 daily data observations (SKUs) for the US e-commerce market during the period between 1 April and 31 May 2021 within the laundry care market, reveals several insights:

• The smallest category by sales within laundry care, carpet cleaners, is the category with the highest frequency of promotional incidence
• Across the two months being observed, day of the week promotional incidence strongly fluctuates with Wednesday having the highest promotional incidence rate in the observed time period
• Fabric softener was the highest-rated category by way of customer satisfaction, however, laundry detergent products elicited the most engagement with the highest number of reviews per product
• Products promoted within the first two weeks of the observed period showed a much stronger increase in shopper engagement versus those that were not promoted, at a rate of 20% increase in reviews per SKU versus 14%

For more information on promotional mechanics and ratings and reviews data within the laundry care e-commerce space as well as implications for how to use for your business, please read the latest report.  For more information on other industries, countries, retailers and suppliers covered in Via as well as promotional mechanic’s questions, please speak with a Euromonitor representative.