The biggest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands in the world

Euromonitor’s Top 100 Megabrands white paper ranks the top 100 most successful fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands by retail sales value worldwide. Interestingly, Asia Pacific is now the key region for many FMCG megabrands. We analysed eight categories (packaged food, soft drinks, beauty and personal care, consumer health, tissue and hygiene, home care, hot drinks and pet care) and retail sales value is highest in Asia Pacific for all but one.

The importance of Asia Pacific – and specifically China – to FMCG sales is underlined by the fact that there are a number of monogamous megabrands in the higher reaches of the top 100. These are FMCG brands which sell only in one country, but still sell enough to rank highly at a global level.

The consumer turn against sugar is having a significant impact on some megabrands. While the top two brands on our megabrands ranking are unchanged from a similar ranking we created in 2015, they have both had challenging years because of changing consumer priorities and legislative action taken on the amount of sugar in diets in some markets.  As a result, they now face a more difficult future.

Packaged food brands—the most numerous in the megabrands list —are also facing new challenges. The backlash against sugar is a factor, but so is the increasing demand for snacking and eating throughout the day, significantly affecting some megabrands.

Of categories with five or more brands in the top 100, beauty and personal care has performed best in terms of growing sales. Premiumisation is a key trend and revived consumer confidence in key markets, plus aspirational demand in emerging regions, has grown the premium market substantially.

The report spotlights the top 10 companies in the ranking, highlighting how they are responding to some of the challenges they face.  Coca-Cola, the world’s largest FMCG brand, is reforming itself as a “total beverage company”, placing greater emphasis on tea, coffee, juice, plant-based beverages and bottled water. Its acquisition of Costa Coffee in the UK positions it in the growing coffee foodservice space.

Download our Top 100 Megabrands white paper to learn more about the brands featured in the ranking.  See how the balance across the list is shifting and how the top 10 megabrands are responding to some of the challenges they face.