April 3, 2018
A rápida urbanização em mercados emergentes está criando novas oportunidades para desenvolvimento de tecnologia. As regiões recentemente urbanizadas são lucrativas à medida que aspiram preencher as possibilidades que não eram disponíveis anteriormente em áreas rurais menos avançadas. Os produtores de produtos lácteos e de carne na China, as operações de e-commerce da Amazon na Índia […]
March 23, 2018
  Technology, urbanisation and economics are reshaping the behavioural patterns of inhabitants and creating new channels of access to consumers. As the population continues to grow in size, emerging and developed economies are revolutionizing the future of homes.
Euromonitor Research
March 6, 2018
Rapidly urbanising households in emerging markets are creating a new market for technology. Newly urbanised households are lucrative as they aspire to fulfill possibilities unavailable to them previously in less advanced rural areas. Dairy and meat producers in China, Amazon’s internet retail operations in India, and urban developers in London are just some examples of […]
February 28, 2018
The retail environment in these emerging countries is highly dynamic, offering many opportunities for savvy investors. Double-digit growth in retail value terms has been observed over the last five years, bolstered by strong economies, young populations, rising levels of disposable income and infrastructure improvements. One common indicator signalling retail growth among developing countries is an […]
February 7, 2018
Technology, urbanisation and economics are reshaping the behavioral patterns of inhabitants and creating new channels of access to consumers. A new, rising middle class in emerging economies is embracing modern, urban lifestyles; technology is connecting homes to retailing ecosystems; and fewer residents per household is reshaping the way homeowners utilise their space. Learn more in […]
November 6, 2017
Euromonitor International identified rapid urbanisation, accelerating migration and population ageing as the most important forces of global population change, as they have the power to transform the world we live in. The pace of change, however, varies significantly between different countries. Global population change The world population is expected to exceed 8.5 billion in 2030, […]
October 10, 2017
Urbanisation is the increase in the proportion of people living in towns and cities. The urbanisation of existing households either occurs because families move from rural areas to urban ones, or because an existing urban space expands and envelops suburban areas, or when an urban area is artificially created due to an inflow of development […]
July 19, 2017
The vehicle of the near future will be electric, lightweight and recyclable, connected and autonomous. The automotive industry is experiencing the biggest waves of innovation and what were until recently viewed as industry disruptors are now seen as opportunities for auto companies, as well as platform providers and app developers. Auto and tech companies as […]

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