October 13, 2016
Overnight, absence of evidence has become evidence of absence. In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, there was little evidence that anything had actually happened; some consumers and newspapers said “I told you so”. Now, however, Tesco has delisted Unilever’s products after the manufacturer – Tesco’s leading supplier – requested a 10% price increase across its iconic FMCG brands. […]
October 13, 2016
Tesco is in a dispute with Unilever after resisting to increase prices for a number of its iconic household brands ranging from Marmite to Dove. Unilever, arguing price increases are inevitable in the wake of a weaker pound, is in fact uniquely positioned to push through higher prices for its brands. The move, then, could […]
September 3, 2015
It’s that time of the year again when parents take to the high street, kids in tow, to stock up on those school essentials and begin to rack their brains for creative food ideas for their children’s lunchboxes. This year however, Ribena isn’t likely to feature so heavily around the school canteen tables as leading […]
September 16, 2014
In view of the vote on 18th September on whether Scotland should become an independent state or not, there has been a lot of debate on the state of the Scottish economy and whether Scotland will fare better or worse outside the union. But, with a Scottish retailing market that Euromonitor International estimates at £28.5 […]
October 13, 2016
Tesco’s first-quarter results showed an almost unprecedented decline in its like-for-like sales in the UK, drawing renewed criticism from the City, while its shares were downgraded two notches by Moody’s. Its 27th June AGM gave a forum to impatient shareholders to vent their frustrations at the company’s results. Is Tesco’s current strategy well-founded and should investors be […]
May 23, 2014
Tesco recently made the decision to stop selling confectionery products at checkouts in all of its UK stores. This decision is a result of pressure from both the government and consumers as well as other grocery chains – discounters such as Lidl have already stopped the practice. The removal of confectionery from Tesco’s checkouts will hamper sales […]
October 13, 2016
Market research company Euromonitor International discusses Tesco's F&F flagship store launch in Central London.
April 25, 2013
Market research company Euromonitor International discusses how bad location and timing contributed to Tesco's exit in the US.

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