November 9, 2017
Next week food and drink companies gather in Malmö, Sweden, side by side with some of the most interesting natural cosmetics brands, for the annual event Natural Products Scandinavia. Euromonitor International’s participation is an appreciated, already perennial part of the event and a chance for brand managers and marketing managers to get a condensed view […]
July 3, 2017
There is an ongoing shift among Swedish consumers from traditional toys and games towards video games. Video games accounted for approximately 60 percent of total value sales on the market in 2016. The user base of smartphone games is expanding – it’s no longer just younger Swedes playing games on their phones, but also people […]
July 12, 2016
Despite a sluggish Swedish economy the local watch market has flourished as watches grew by 7% CAGR at constant 2016 prices over the review period.
June 1, 2014
Restaurangkedjorna i Sverige presterat mycket bättre än oberoende restauranger. Restaurangkejdorna som redan finns i Sverige, som t.ex. Subway och Espresso House, planerar att fortsätta sin expansion och nya aktörer likt KFC och Starbucks strävar efter att ta del av omsättningen. Enligt marknadsanalytikern Carl-Filip Clausson så kommer ett fortsatt fokus på differensiering tillsammans med att fler […]
Carl-Filip Clausson
June 1, 2014
Chained consumer foodservice companies in Sweden are performing much better than independent outlets. Due to this strong performance, operators that already exist in Sweden such as Subway and Espresso House are continuing their expansion while new players like KFC and Starbucks are planning to enter the market aggressively. Due to a continued demand for outlet […]
Carl-Filip Clausson
November 14, 2013
Of all the major foodservice regions, Western Europe’s growth may be the most difficult to quantify. It’s a region with a wide variety of deeply ingrained dining cultures, each with unique preferences driving demand, and a lack of homogeny that makes region-wide strategies ineffective. Further, continuing economic troubles have thrown a few key markets into […]

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