June 27, 2018
With ever-tightening regulation, the emergence of credible alternatives and growing reputational challenges on its supply chain and sustainability it is clear that the tobacco industry is living through its own version of the (apocryphal) Chinese curse. However – as Euromonitor’s updated 2018 Passport Tobacco database makes clear – amongst all the disruption there is continuity. […]
May 17, 2018
Advertising agencies are constantly facing extra demands from their clients to support brand and product positioning. By using our data, you can better understand the needs of consumers,  enhance your creativity and win more business.
Euromonitor Research
May 15, 2018
As more consumers shift to digital platforms, companies must rethink their strategies to compete. In order to assist companies with identifying which geographic markets are the most attractive, Euromonitor International developed the Digital Consumer Index. Click the image below to learn more about how this tool enables companies to quickly make sense of the multitude of […]
April 27, 2018
European football has become increasingly expensive, with many club revenue streams failing to keep pace. UEFA’s introduction of tighter financial regulations makes European football a challenging landscape to navigate. Breaching UEFA protocol carries consequences, and this has forced clubs to rethink revenue maximisation strategy. League appeal, however, remains crucial for commercial potential. Euromonitor International’s Passport […]

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