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May 9, 2016
As part of the 2016 edition of Euromonitor’s Consumer Foodservice Data, analysts in fifty-four countries were asked to submit the most interesting and most relevant new restaurant concepts in their market. While the entries demonstrated a wide range of global trends, from pop-up dining experiences to fusions of local and international cuisines, the winning entries […]
August 27, 2014
Burger King recently announced they will purchase Tim Hortons for eleven billion dollars and move its headquarters to Canada. The new company will own about 23.5 billion in terms of annual revenue, putting them behind McDonald’s and Yum! Brands as the third largest consumer foodservice operator in the world. This merger gives Tim Hortons an […]
September 4, 2007
After years of seeing outlet numbers in decline or modest growth, the fast food chain is embarking on ambitious plans to build its brand internationally, with a focus on Asia-Pacific.
February 6, 2014
There is growing number of health-conscious consumers in the world, and these consumers are opting for healthier alternatives when eating out. This leaves foodservice operators with a challenge to find the balance between indulgent and healthy foods. Fast food operators are particularly challenged, as fast food already carries an unhealthy stigma. In Asia, the world’s […]
Euromonitor Research
November 30, 2012
Earlier this week, Burger King announced its re-entry into the French market, producing considerable excitement among French burger fans—17 years after pulling out of France, Burger King has acquired a certain mystique, combining flame-grilled indulgence with American authenticity. In this new podcast, Head of Foodservice Michael Schaefer notes this perception is not unique to France, […]
April 10, 2012
According to Euromonitor data, Wendy’s has surpassed Burger King in the US fast food market, becoming the number two burger chain in sales terms in the country, says Michael Schaefer, global head of consumer foodservice research at Euromonitor International. Burger King held the number two spot in total sales after McDonald’s for decades, so this ranking […]
Michael Schaefer
October 1, 2010
Michael Schaefer, consumer foodservice industry analyst at Euromonitor International, explains how more fast casual brands are starting to delve into outlets, or small versions of their stores designed to cater to different aspects of the dining experience.
Michael Schaefer

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