Soft Drinks International Conference

Date: May 18-18, 2012
Location: London

The first-ever Soft Drinks International, International Soft Drinks Conference, is being held in celebration of 125 years of monthly publication since first being published as the British & Colonial Water Trade Journal in 1888, and will take place just two months prior to the London 2012 Olympics.

Aimed at senior management, marketers and technologists from the global non-alcoholic industry, the event already has the support of many international trade associations, market consultancies and food research organizations, as well as leading manufacturers, brands and suppliers to the industry.

The conference will embrace the full extent of content normally covered by SDI, namely; drinks design and development, ingredients, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution.

Euromonitor’s Ratna Sita will present, “Identifying growth opportunities in mature markets,” focusing on soft drinks performance in developed regions and examining growth opportunities and future prospects. Her presentation will also focus on the on-going importance of health and key considerations when launching new products in mature markets.

For more information, please visit the Soft Drinks International website.