New Health and Wellness Sales Fuelled by Developing Markets of China, Mexico, and Brazil

Euromonitor International’s latest Health and Wellness research publishes on 12 April 2010, with insight on key issues like increased regulatory scrutiny and growth opportunities for functional ingredients. Health and wellness has continued to grow in 2009, with minimal impact from the global economic downturn, thanks to sustained consumer demand for healthier eating. Developing markets are also expanding, with China, Mexico and Brazil adding more than US$10 billion each between 2009 and 2014.


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  • Euromonitor International latest estimates indicate that from 2009 to 2014, consumers around the world will spend an additional US$130 billion on health and wellness food and beverages, roughly equivalent to global projections for total off-trade spending on wine for the year 2014.
  • Moreover, Health and Wellness is truly becoming a global consumer phenomenon. While the US will be the single largest contributor to global retail value between 2009 and 2014–adding more than US$27 billion in sales–China, Mexico and Brazil will each add an additional US$10 billion or more.
  • Just as the recent global economic downturn proved unable to derail the health and wellness trend, the current hangover will likely only minimally impact sales prospects. Indeed, the spectre of tighter regulations in Europe, the US and elsewhere will have more of an impact on sales performance.