Most Popular Articles in September

We have compiled September’s most popular articles here:

Half the World’s New Single Person Households to Emerge in Asia Pacific

Single-person households were the fastest-growing household type globally in 2010-2019, expanding by 31%, with nearly half this growth in absolute numbers attributable to Asia Pacific. Single living will gain further popularity over 2019-2040, due to both long term demographic trends and growing economic independence.

Top Five Trends Shaping the Future of Cities

We have identified five major long-term trends impacting cities at a global level including the acceleration of smart cities and the rising importance of urban sustainability as part of city planning and regulations.

A New White Claw Summer?

The seltzer consumer though will have more options than ever before, which should work to the benefit of the category overall and help ensure than seltzers become ever-more entrenched in the American beverages landscape. 

Future Opportunities in Online Product Positioning

The growth of online shopping platforms has placed stronger importance on product claims and brand positioning to help consumers identify the brands that closest align with their personal interests (dietary, health or ethical).