June Beauty Innovation Round-Up

As the first official month of the summer, June has seen many summer-related new product launches, from sun care and colour cosmetics to fragrances. Euromonitor International investigates the most interesting new product launches and how they relate to current industry trends.

Fashion meets beauty

The colour cosmetics market is one of the most important during the summer period. Its close links with the fashion industry, with fashion houses launching winter and summer collections, mean that the colour cosmetics market needs to keep up with the latest trends, offering limited summer editions and new colour palettes that range from eye make-up and lipstick to bronzers and nail polish. With global sales of US$52 billion, the third biggest category in beauty and personal care is largely guided by trends in fashion.

Dolce & Gabbana Bronzing Powder Lace Collection


Dolce & Gabbana is introducing the D&G Lace Collection this summer. Inspired by the label’s love of lace, one of the main materials in its Ready-to-Wear Collection, a colour palette of nude, rose and high shine shades will spread from eye make-up to lips and nails. As the company announced the end of its more affordable D&G Ready-to-Wear Collection, its beauty and fragrance product lines will be the focus for many of the company’s aspirational customers. The Lace Collection is expected to increase the association of the beauty line with the Dolce & Gabbana Ready-to-Wear Collection in consumers’ minds and hopefully boost sales. Dolce & Gabbana has managed to maintain an exclusive and prestigious image for its beauty line by using luxurious packaging and limiting availability to only the most upmarket retailers such as Harrods, thus helping the collection to become even more sought after.

Colourful anti-ageing

The most interesting colour cosmetics product to hit the shelves in the last month is ME nail polish with anti-ageing properties from Dermelect Cosmeceuticals. Tapping into the strong demand for anti-ageing products as well as the increasing demand for multi-functional products, the ME nail polish range claims to infuse nails with nutrients for healthy growth. With the nail polish category growing by 11% in 2011, according to Euromonitor International, nails are at the forefront of beauty firms’ activities. It is thus not surprising that Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ first colour cosmetics product is a nail polish. The ME line will be present in prestigious spas and salons as well as medical spas and doctors’ offices which will increase the product’s profile. Its presence in selective channels leaves room for more commercial brands to enter the anti-ageing nail polish category.

Sun, sea and sand

Sun care is perhaps the category with the largest number of new products introduced just before the summer. In the US, traditionally the biggest market for sun care, many brands have started to incorporate the new FDA regulations in their new products. Demand for multi-functionality is stronger than ever, with companies thinking outside the box to find a unique selling point.

Murad Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30/PA+++ is an interesting introduction as it contains Murad’s new MuraSol Antioxidant Defense technology which is supposed to penetrate the skin’s top layers to create a protective barrier of antioxidants which stop the formation of free radicals and provide a whole new level of environmental protection. Considering consumers’ increasing concerns about the chemicals to which they are exposed on a daily basis, this product claims to protect at least the skin from environmental pollution.

Brighter sunshine

Amway’s Artistry Time Defiance UV Defence SPF50 sunscreen is a unique product as it not only has multi-functional properties but is also tailored to darker skin tones. With the latest research from L’Oréal turning the focus on the dangers of sun exposure to darker skin tones, this product claims to have an ultra-light formulation that absorbs instantly without marks, regardless of how dark the skin tone. It also has a brightening complex with antioxidants that claim to reduce the appearance of dark spots, discolorations and redness. The increasing demand for brighter looking skin in the US has been very strong in the past year, with many companies launching brightening products or incorporating them into existing ones. It is only natural that the trend has transcended into sun protection.

Returning to the continent, in Europe, one product line which has received much attention from the press and bloggers alike is the sun care range from Institut Esthederm, named Institut Esthederm UV inCellium. It is unique as it does not include any SPF information on the product, instead offering tanning without burning in the range of gentle sun, normal/strong sun and extreme sun thanks to a pre-tanning treatment that reinforces the skin’s natural defences and activates the tanning process. Users select the product according to their skin type and the strength of the sun from which they wish to protect themselves. The company also offers products for sensitive skin, hyper-pigmented skin and high altitude/cold weather conditions. One of the most interesting of its products is Photo Reverse which is meant to reduce the appearance of dark spots and gradually lighten the skin while protecting it from the sun. This product would fare well in the Asia Pacific region where consumers avoid the sun and use high SPF sun protection to stop their skin from tanning.

Summer scents

Fragrances is another seasonal market that just like colour cosmetics has lines specifically tailored to the summer. Due to the fierce competition in the category, celebrity endorsements and new technologies have been used to differentiate offerings.

Coty is releasing the first perfume from Lady Gaga, called Lady Gaga Fame. Lady Gaga Fame is as unique as the artist it is named after as it is a black eau de parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. Coty still has patents pending for the new technology it is using for the black to clear process and it is also using push-pull technology to bring to the surface the different notes inside the fragrance. It is a much anticipated launch in the US where celebrity endorsements as well as products named after celebrities are still going strong. As celebrities are looking to further capitalise on their fame, a shift from celebrity endorsements to celebrity launches is expected. The success of Justin Bieber’s fragrance as well as Taylor Shift’s fragrance show that this is a trend set to continue.

On the premium front, Lancôme’s new Aromatonic body spray claims to tone the skin, moisturise and lift one’s spirits. Body sprays have become increasingly popular, fuelled by demand from the heavy fragrance-usage region of Latin America, and it is a trend that has moved to Europe. Many premium brands have been releasing body sprays and body spray versions of their already successful fragrances to meet the increasing demand for lighter, fresher and less expensive fragrances. As the economic strain on Europe continues, body sprays are expected to be in increased demand, with consumers preferring to switch to their preferred fragrance’s body spray over switching to a cheaper brand.