iCloud: Clear Sky For Apple

Steve Jobs made his eagerly awaited return from medical leave and showcased Apple’s latest initiative – iCloud at WWDC 2011. The differentiating point for iCloud is the ease of synchisation, rather than online storage, as iCloud allows the user to access all his content across various Apple devices. The golden goose lies in the added content that consumers will be enticed to purchase with this ease of content sharing.

For Windows 7 smartphone users and the millions of PC users, Microsoft already has something similar in the form of Windows Live’s Skydrive. Skydrive functions more like a virtual hard disk and falls short of offering the seamless switch as that of iCloud. Microsoft is aggressively trying to enter the mobile devices arena and the onus is on the Redmond-based software giant to improve and enhance its Windows Live service to be on par with Apple.

Given the fact that Google’s CFO publicly stated “without any radical effort…this (mobile search) is a $1 billion run-rate business”, it is hard to fathom Google not doing anything similar on Android.

iCloud? Clear sky for Apple and rainy days for Microsoft and Google!