World Travel Market (WTM) London

London, United Kingdom
November 5, 2018 to November 7, 2018
World Travel Market London is the leading global event for the travel industry, generating more than £3.1 billion of business contracts between attendees. There have been 39 editions of WTM London, attracting a global audience that shapes the travel industry. Over three days, the travel industry comes together as almost 5,000 exhibiting destinations, technology and private sector companies to find and network with 51,000 travel professionals, key industry buyers, journalists, digital influencers, students and tourism Ministers. This vibrant event offers the opportunity to discover the world under one roof, and be inspired by industry leaders discussing trends, issues and innovations in the travel industry.
Session Title: Travel Leaders Speak – UK Travel Market: What to expect in 2019
Speaker Name and Title: Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel at Euromonitor International
Session DescriptionThis session will be a panel discussion, with four senior UK Travel Leaders from leading travel companies across all sectors, giving their understandings of what is currently driving the UK markets in Outbound and Inbound Travel. Our Speakers will be asked to outline the key factors that have affected their travel sectors in 2018 and how the year has traded. They will then discuss the outcomes expected for 2019. Key issues will include consumer confidence in the UK and across the world, which destinations are doing better/worse and why, Brexit, the relationships with overseas partners both for outbound and inbound, terrorism threats, currency values, and which destinations will benefit or not.
Session Date & Time: Monday, November 5, 2:15pm – 15:30pm
Session RoomEurope Inspiration Zone
Session Title: Keeping Ahead of Megatrends Shaping Travel
Speaker Names and Titles: Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel at Euromonitor International; Wouter Geerts, Consultant at Euromonitor International
Session DescriptionLeveraging our expertise in travel trends and forecasting, Euromonitor International’s Travel team presents its pick of megatrends that will impact the travel industry in the coming years. Megatrends transcend industry boundaries and influence consumer behaviour in all aspects of life. This presentation, and corresponding report, looks at the travel industry and beyond to identify the most important megatrends today that will shape traveller behaviour and expectations tomorrow. From the ever-connected consumer to new ways of shopping, and a greater focus on experiences, Euromonitor’s megatrends research provides an insight into the future of the travel industry.
Session Date & Time: Tuesday, November 6, 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Session Room: Press Conference Theatre – International Media Centre
Session Title:  Travel Trends in the Middle East and Africa
Speaker Name and Title: Lea Meyer, Analyst at Euromonitor International
Session DescriptionThe Middle East and Africa region represents high growth potential for the travel industry. It benefits from a dynamic demographic, fuelling inbound, outbound and domestic potential. This presentation will look at the current state of the travel industry in the region, highlighting how regional and global trends are expected to shape travel demand and supply in the years to come. Whether you are a local supplier, a destination looking to attract more travellers from the region, or a player looking to enter the MEA region, this presentation is a must to understand how consumer expectations and the travel landscape are set to change.
Session Date & Time: Wednesday November 7, 12pm – 12:30pm
Session Room: Middle East & Africa Inspiration Zone
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