Retail Summit 2020

Prague, Czech Republic
February 3, 2020 to February 5, 2020

Retail Summit 2020, to be held on February 3-5 2020, at Prague’s Clarion Congress Hotel, will focus on how to succeed in the new retail ecosystem. The program will present more than 120 top representatives of the brick and mortar retail as well as e-Commerce, experts and major suppliers of goods and technology.

The emphasis will be put on:
• new types of competition and cooperation;
• digital transformation of retail, logistics and consumer goods production;
• increased need for consistent communication by all channels and at all touch points;
• growing interest in sustainability

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Session title: Digital Concepts in Global Retail – How E-commerce Innovations Will Shape the Retailing Landscape in 2020

Session description: A decade ago, e-commerce accounted for 3% of global retail sales. In 2019, the percentage was 13% and by 2023 it will grow to 18%. Growing consumer demand for convenient and versatile omnichannel shopping experiences will put pressure on the pace of digital innovation of online but also offline retailers. Market leaders wishing to remain relevant will need to find ways how to attract and retain customers by innovating their digital business models. Whether it’s the development of 5G content marketing strategies, creation of marketplace ecosystems or the development of Super Apps, the world of retail in 2020s will need to cater to increasingly powerful consumer group – the millennials.

Session date and time: Tuesday, 4th of February at 11.30AM (GMT+1)

Speaker name: Vladislav Kačij, Analyst