QSR Media Webinar: The Customer Experience

April 28, 2020 to April 28, 2020

QSR Media, in partnership with payments platform provider Adyen, is holding its first-ever webinar on The Customer Experience.

Happening on April 28, the region’s top thought leaders will give key and timely insights on the increasing value of delivering a multi-channel brand experience for today’s consumers and how technology will guide your brand through the entire customer journey.

Grab the chance to hear directly from Euromonitor International Singapore country manager Agilson Valle, as he discusses how “experience more” has driven advancements in consumer foodservice and hospitality industries, as well as insights on how technology impacts and changes how business is being conducted now.

Stay tuned for first-hand insights from select QSR c-suites as well as a Q&A panel featuring all speakers where you can ask them questions!

Session title: How a megatrend “experience more” has driven advancements in consumer foodservice and hospitality industries?

Session description: The food and hospitality landscape has changed at lightning speed over the past decade, impacted by the widespread penetration of technology in people’s lives and the rapid change of traditional consumerism into new, more dynamic and experience-orientated behaviour. Nowhere was this more visible than in the Asia Pacific region with its rapidly expanding middle class and rising number of frequently travelling millennials in 2019.

Digital technology is another factor shaping the industries. Accommodation booking and food delivery have both benefited from consumer preference for more convenience. Digital technology is enabling more lodging providers and restaurants to tap into this lucrative channel, giving consumers more options than ever. As a result, consumer lifestyles are increasingly intertwined with digital technology as consumers look to things like mobile apps to streamline their lives. Technology is attracting consumers with more seamless dining and travelling experiences.

Session date and time: Tuesday, 28 April at 11 am SGT

Speaker name: Agilson Valle, Country Manager, Euromonitor International Singapore