New Zealand Pet Food Manufactures Association Conference 2020

Auckland, New Zealand
February 20, 2020 to February 20, 2020

New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturers Association (NZPFMA) is an industry association comprised of pet food manufacturers and companies that supply materials or services to the pet food manufacturing industry. The annual conference brings together industry experts to advise on the future of pet food.

Session title: The state of global pet care

Session description: A new generation of pet owners is emerging across the globe, presenting different challenges and increasingly dictating future opportunities for growth as they inspire a greater emphasis on new markets, technology, sustainability and value purchases. Much of the global industry has successfully embraced this disruption, steadily transforming in the process, but success will become even more dependent upon adaptation in the future.

Session date and time: Feb 20 2020, 1pm

Speaker name: Stevani Susanto, research analyst