Jornadas Cerveceras de Acermex 2021

May 26, 2021 to May 26, 2021

Jornadas Cerveceras, es el evento creado por ACERMEX enfocado en fomentar el desarrollo de las cervecerías independientes y artesanales.

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Session title: Craft Beer – a swift return to the bar

Session description: As the pandemic begins to subside, what will come of the craft beer movement? The segment has historically relied on higher price points and a reliance on on-trade establishments – both trends that have been negatively impacted in the last year. In this presentation, we will utilize Passport’s database to estimate the impacts that Covid19 has taken on craft beer in the Americas as well as showcase expectations for recovery and evolution for the industry over the next five years.

Session date and time: Wednesday, 19 May at 9:00am CDT

Speaker name: Catherine Krol, research analyst