Global Retail Show 2020

September 13, 2020 to September 19, 2020

The Global Retail Show aim to promote the debate between players / peers and throughout their experiences, strategies and ideas, strengthen companies, retail, consumption and to improve collaboration among executives, government, firms and individuals. The event will promote 150 hours of content, with curators from 12 countries inviting leaders of different segments, resulting in a team of 267 speakers.

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Session title: The Coronavirus Era: Innovation and the new retail core business in Brazil

Session description: The session will cover, in quantitative and qualitative ways the pre and post COVID scenarios and identifies the main consumption and innovation trends that will lead to the reinvention of global retail and how they will be reflected in the national market. The reactions of the Brazilian market will be analyzed in detail to understand if and how global trends apply to Brazil, based on case studies of local retailers.

Session date and time: Monday, 14 September, 7:30pm BRT

Speaker: Ricardo Sfeir, Research Analyst