FiSA – Food Ingredient South America

Transamerica Expo Center - Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 20, 2019 to August 22, 2019

Fi South America is the most complete food ingredients event in Latin America and its 23rd edition will take place in 2019.

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Session title: Global Trends in Functional Beverages: What can Brazil learn from other markets?

Session description: Globally, the beverages with functional positioning go through a moment of reinvention, with the launch of new products, new technologies and new appeals. As the Brazilian market seeks new momentum in the post-crisis period, the Brazilian consumer can regain access to healthier and more value-added products that were left out during the crisis. In this presentation, Euromonitor presents the main global trends in functional beverages and highlights what companies can learn and how to replicate these strategies in the Brazilian market in the coming years.

Session date: Thursday, 22 August at 9 AM

Speaker name: Angelica Salado, consultant