Cleaning Products US

Bethesda, MD, USA
October 1, 2019 to October 3, 2019

Cleaning Products US 2019: From sourcing to shelf: exploring the elements that go into creating successful Cleaning Products , jointly organized by Smithers Apex and ACI, brings together the top leaders and experts in the cleaning products field, and delivers a jam-packed schedule with insights and discussions focusing on the latest developments in wipes and nonwovens, fragrances, allergens and cleaning products, innovations in chemistry, sustainability, and everything in between!

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Session title: The Global Cleaning Products Marketplace: Responding to Changing Household Demands

Session description: With healthy projected growth ahead and estimated unmet global potential of more than USD100 billion, the home cleaning products industry remains an attractive space. The developed markets certainly continue to face some challenges, from product saturation to environmental and health concerns. The developing regions, on the other hand, will continue to drive demand, following improved incomes, better access to infrastructure and facilities like running water and electricity, and better product availability.

In this presentation, Euromonitor International will discuss:

Global industry projections and key factors behind future growth

Key consumer and household trends that shape product demand, including changing household and family structure, consumer approach to inner spaces, wellness trends

Category snapshots:

Laundry detergents: Product dynamic in developing versus developed regions

Air care: Attention to air quality, industry disruptors and learnings, business opportunities in the concept of “home as health hub”

Surface care: Changing surfaces, environmental challenges, industry disruptors and opportunities in driving value in Smart Homes ecosystem.

Session date and time: Tuesday, October 1 at 2:00pm ET

Speaker name(s) and title(s): Khaled Samirah, Research Analyst