Cleaning Products US

September 29, 2020 to October 1, 2020

For 14 years, Cleaning Products US has been the industry’s leading conference in the United States, bringing together trusted experts and decision-makers from across the supply chain to discuss recent trends, shared challenges, emerging growth opportunities, and new ideas that spur industry innovation and continued advancement in the marketplace. This is a must-attend event for anyone working within the cleaning products industry.

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Session title: Global Home Care: COVID-19 and Beyond – From 2020 Challenges to Long-Term Opportunities

Session description: In 2019, home care retail sales generated USD159 billion globally, with the industry’s unmet potential estimated to be well over USD100 billion.

The 2020 industry performance has been severely disrupted by COVID-19 – from stockpiling to heightened attention to hygiene and wellness. Furthermore, the COVID-19 environment has reinforced several trends shaping before the outbreak, creating additional challenges and opportunities for the industry to build on mid- to long-term.

This presentation will use Euromonitor International’s annual industry research, results from consumer surveys and SKU tracking analytics from Euromonitor’s new pricing tool, Via.

Session date and time: 30 September at 11:30am

Speaker name: Josh Winters, Research Analyst, Euromonitor International