China APRCE 2019

Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center - Chongqing, China
September 5, 2019 to September 7, 2019

China General Chamber of Commerce will host the 19th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (the 19th APRCE) in Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center on Sept. 5th to Sept.7th, 2019, under the organization of FAPRA (Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations).

FAPRA, composed of 19 most representative retail associations in Asia-Pacific region, aims to promote the industrial cooperation and to boost the growth of regional retail sector. APRCE, being the most important event of FAPRA, is also one of most significant retail events worldwide. It has been successfully held for 18 times since 1983.

This year’s APRCE, themed on “New Retail, New Consumption, New Dynamics – Cooperation and Sharing”, aiming to actively promote the Belt and Road international cooperation, the innovative transformation and high-quality development of the retail industry, will invite enterprises/organizations from FAPRA member countries/regions, along Belt and Road countries and related European and American countries to participate in the forums and exhibition. The 19th APRCE will attract over 3,500 participants to join in and the total exhibition area is 23000 square meters.

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Session title: The Digital Revolution Continues to Disrupt the Retail Industry

Session description: A decade ago, online sales accounted for 2% of global retail sales. In 2018, the percentage was 12%. In 2023, it will grow to 18%. This presentation will explore how the digital revolution is changing consumer behavior, the retail landscape and business models. It will examine the role of the store in a digital world. It also looked beyond the mobile device to highlight the new ways consumers will shop in the future.

Session date and time: 7 September 2:00 pm

Speaker name: Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing