Asian E-tailing Summit

December 9, 2020 to December 11, 2020

The Asian E-tailing Summit (AES) is a one-stop platform for business professionals to network with renowned online retail experts, and obtain the latest sourcing trends and market intelligence, successful cases and best practices of e-tailing.

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Session 1 title: The Rise and the Reach of Mobile Commerce

Session 1 description: As much as it has already revolutionised retail, mobile commerce promises phenomenal growth. By 2021, one estimate says 73% of all e-commerce sales could be made on a mobile device. There are great opportunities for businesses that work to improve the mobile e-commerce experience, and this session explores tapping the user base and gaining a competitive edge. Emily Leung will moderate this panel discussion with several industry players to explore the opportunities in the industry.

Session 1 date and time: Thursday, 10 December at 10:00am HKT

Speaker name: Emily Leung, Senior Analyst

Session 2 title: E-tailing Academy – Strategies to Build Your Digital Footprint: Uncovering ASEAN business opportunities through e-commerce

Session 2 description: The ASEAN region has been continuously touted as the next big business opportunity market in Asia. Over the past few years, ASEAN’s GDP growth has been outperforming the global average and is expected to carry this momentum into 2025. This tremendous growth comes with an abundance of opportunities as local populous become wealthier and, as technological infrastructure improves, more tech-savvy. Being increasingly connected to the rest of the world, the region demands for better quality products, opening up opportunities for foreign businesses. However, the difficult questions remain prevalent: how can we better penetrate this region? How can we use e-commerce as an efficient market penetration strategy in this region?

Join Euromonitor as we explore the ASEAN business opportunities via e-commerce, the ASEAN digital consumer mindset, and deep-dive into how we can succeed in ASEAN with e-commerce.

Session date and time: Friday, 11 December at 11:00am HKT

Speaker name: Jonathan York, Consulting Manager