Euromonitor to Speak at BIT International Travel Show 2017


Event Name: BIT International Travel Show

Date: April 3, 2017

Location: Milan, Italy

Event Description: “The New Way of Luxury” at BIT 2017 , organized by AIGO communication agency and Condé Nast Italy – is the first of a series of meetings aimed at exploring all the luxury fields in order to draw the lines of the future development of this fundamental engine of the global economy. Who are today luxury consumers and what do they want? Which are the opportunities and the challenges that the big global brands have to face? How are they organized to meet the new consumer needs and which is their approach to this change of perspective?

Speaker: Wouter Geerts – Senior Travel Analyst

Session Title: Post-Luxury Travel: The Changing Expectations of Luxury Travellers

Session Description: Is luxury travel only for the rich elite? Or is our understanding of what constitutes “luxury” changing? This presentation starts a discussion on contemporary luxury, looking at the impact of developments such as demographic and economic shifts, technological innovations, ever-increasing hyper-connectivity, and a growing interest in the sharing economy, to highlight how expectations of luxury travel are changing. By providing a number of case studies, it is explored how time, space and community are re-imagined to offer a luxury experience to the modern traveller.

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