Cultural Evolution is Affecting Tea Consumption Habits (datagraphic)

While black tea is the most popular tea variety globally, fruit/herbal tea is popular in parts of Latin America and Western Europe. An important development in hot drinks is being driven by a cultural evolution in China.

Instant tea is now the largest branded tea category in China due to rapid growth driven by urbanisation and increasing wealth. The majority of tea volume is still unbranded. The data for Euromonitor International’s 2011 edition of Hot Drinks goes live December 13, 2010.


Enclosed text:

Different varieties of tea are popular in different parts of the world for different reasons

Fruit/herbal tea leads sales in much of Latin America, where palates prefer sweeter, tropical fruit flavours, while health concerns are driving sales in parts of Western Europe.

Meanwhile, gunpowder tea, a finely ground form of black tea rolled into pellets, is popular in Morocco, and specially processed Chinese teas lead the Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong markets.

Japan leads the world in consumption of green tea, but its popularity has not dethroned black tea much beyond the immediate region. Although, unbranded tea is the most popular in China, due to its rapid recent growth, instant tea is now the most popular branded tea variety in China.