Analysing the Financial Impact of Coronavirus on Key Industries

Euromonitor International’s Financial and Investment Services Practice is proud to publish its latest quarterly report. In this update, we conducted a performance review year-to-date, discussing the aftermath of the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the financial health of three major consumer sectors in 2020 and our expectations for 2021.

COVID-19 altered business engagements, consumer preferences and spending patterns in every market across all industries. Despite the disruption caused by the shock, COVID-19 also acted as a  catalyst for new investment opportunities. Business concepts and consumer behaviours have emerged which will have a long-lasting effect on business continuity and capital planning. Examples of such concepts include smart partnerships and innovations in food delivery methods, cloud kitchens, aggressive technological investments around e-commerce and pioneering with Fintech companies.

Our second series of Financial Services Quarterly Reports leverages our global industry expertise, extensive in-house data and financial knowledge to assess the resilience of these new concepts and analyse their impact on the future performance of the industry as well as on leading global players.

Major industries were covered as part of this series for Q3 2020, which include the below:

1. Retailing
2. Consumer Foodservice
3. Financial Cards

Our team will continue to track investment and consumer activity in these industries and we are staying on top of emerging trends that could translate into new and rewarding opportunities if identified at an earlier stage.

Euromonitor International’s Financial and Investment Services practice provides investment grade research analysis and strategy, supporting firms in sourcing, completing and managing transactions and in their relationships with private, public and institutional investors.

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