Amazon launches AppStore for Android launched its Amazon AppStore for Android and in the process, is being sued by Apple Inc for trademark infringement for the term “App Store.” From a layman (or layperson to avoid getting sued for discrimination) perspective, App Store is a common phase but we are living in a mad world of lawsuits. It is not always true that logic will always prevail.

While the case is being settled by the men in suits, it is business as usual for Amazon AppStore. A key differentiator over Android own app store (called Android Market) is “Test Drive” which allows consumers to test apps on a simulated Android phone via their computer.

App Store, AppStore, Market, Marketplace… As Shakespeare wrote “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Whatever the name, as long as consumers can download both free and paid apps, no one really cares what the store is called, except Apple Inc and maybe, the sanity of mankind.