consumer finance

Takeaways from Card Forum 2017

by May 26th, 2017

After attending Card Forum 2017 in Austin, Texas earlier this month, Euromonitor spotted several trends developing across the consumer finance industry. There is significant opportunity for card payments as retail continues to shift online; security is likely to remain a key concern for consumers despite the decline in card fraud; and payment players need to […]

Trump Administration Releases Budget Proposal: Potential Implications for US Education Lending

by May 25th, 2017

On Monday 22 May, the Trump Administration released details of its proposed budget. The budget seeks to cut government spending across a variety of programmes. Among cuts to social programmes and the Environmental Protection Agency, the budget also aims to overhaul the student loan landscape in the US. Changes include removing subsidised provisions from certain […]

Analyst Viewpoint: Consumer Finance in Brazil

by May 4th, 2017

The analyst viewpoint series features interviews with analysts from several of the 46 markets covered in Euromonitor’s Consumer Finance research programme, discussing key payment trends or developments in their respective research markets. What entity holds the power in your market? Operators, issuers, merchants? Is it changing? In Brazil, acquirers were commonly the ones to hold […]

Mastercard – VocaLink Deal Passes Crucial Regulatory Test

by April 19th, 2017

On Tuesday, 11 April 2017, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced that proposed steps by Mastercard International Inc and VocaLinkHoldings Ltd had adequately addressed competition questions relating to Mastercard’s planned acquisition of VocaLink. The decision clears the way for the GBP700 million deal to close in the coming weeks. Once completed, the acquisition […]

Personal Credit Cards – Global Outlook

by January 23rd, 2017

Personal credit cards are a crucial payment method for consumers. Worldwide, personal credit card transactions comprise over one-third of all non-commercial card payments and have seen strong growth in recent years. Credit cards are expected to continue to gain share over the next five years, reaping additional market share from the ongoing transition away from […]

Five Key Insights from Euromonitor International’s 2016 Digital Consumer Index

by October 17th, 2016

Consumers are more connected today than ever before, and will be even more interconnected in the future. These digital connections, which have ushered in speed and convenience, are underpinning generational shifts in how consumers live, work, shop and play. As billions of people become interconnected by these devices, it means an endless number of opportunities […]

Moving from Financially Underserved to Fully Banked: Euromonitor to Support Bank Customer Experience Summit

by August 27th, 2016

Moving from financially underserved to fully banked There were more financially underserved consumers as a share of total banked consumers in 2015 in the US in over a decade. This presents a significant opportunity for financial institutions looking to increase share of consumer lending and total consumer credit. The share of the banked population considered […]