August 20, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at PET Value Chain Americas 2014



Event Name: PET Value Chain Americas

Event Date: October 14-15, 2014

Event Location: Miami, FL

Event Description: Increasing challenges pertaining to a short supply of PX and potential overcapacity of MEG, due to the shale gas boom, are causing a state of flux in PET markets globally. New plants coming on stream in China, Brazil and the United States are fuelling the fears of PET overcapacity. New developments in Bio- PET and growing demand for R-PET indicate increasing competition for the virgin PET market. It is also essential for you to keep up-to-date on potential products that could be replaced by PET and how this will sustain industry growth in the coming years. PET Value Chain Americas has been specifically designed to address the key issues affecting the North and Latin American markets and will provide you with the tools required to ensure your business overcomes these obstacles.

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August 19, 2014

Scotts Acquires Solus Brands

EURO_NT_Jack.Skelly_LThumbWith Jack Skelly, Research Analyst

Scotts Miracle-Gro’s UK subsidiary, The Scotts Company, recently purchased the Solus brands which includes Yeoman hand tools.  Although Scott’s is the leading garden care company in the world, it lacks a competitive hand tools brand. Yeoman will fill a gap in Scott’s brand portfolio in the UK, and if this move is successful, Scott’s can adapt the strategy worldwide. 

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Who is Winning the Global Battle for Accessories Sales?

Sulabh MadhwalAnalyst Insight by Sulabh Madhwal - Personal Accessories and Eyewear Analyst

View Sulabh Madhwal's profile on LinkedIn

LVMH, Richemont and Swatch Group continue to lead overall personal accessories, but the dynamics are changing in individual categories. We discuss the state of global competition as seen through the new edition of personal accessories published on 11 August 2014.

Top Three Lose Ground in Bags and Luggage

The respective market shares for LVMH, Kering (formerly PPR) and Coach all declined between 2012 and 2013. This was not only due to the slowing demand for luxury brands across the world, but also the rise of leading competitors such as Michael Kors, Samsonite and Prada Group.

Global value sales for bags and luggage will grow at a CAGR of 4% over 2014-2019, with luggage and business bags spearheading growth. Although handbags will remain by far the biggest category in 2019, the growth potential for luggage and business bags is likely to inspire several marketing efforts targeted at the male population.

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Major Trends in Foodservice and Beverages in Singapore

Consumers in Singapore like to be on the forefront of new food and drink trends. In foodservice, cupcakes are currently a hot item with cupcake stores and kiosks opening all over the county. The next big trend will be juice cleansing, which fits in well with consumers in Singapore’s fast-paced yet health conscious lifestyles.

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Wine Demand Shifts from Mature to Developing Regions

Karine.DussimonAnalyst Insight by Karine Dussimon - Senior Packaging Analyst

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The future of packaging for still light grape wine is rather positive. By 2018, global retail demand is set to rise by a 2% CAGR to reach 20.3 billion units. Yet it is also going through rather revealing changes. While the ‘Old World’ continues to dominate still wine consumption in glass bottles in 2013, Western Europe is predicted to see a decline and glass is finding a new lease of life among developing regions. Asia Pacific holds some of the best opportunities for packaging and closure unit volume increase in still red wine but also white and rosé. 

A Seemingly Homogenous Market

Demand for still light grape wine packaging is on the rise, globally. Still wine packaging also remains rather concentrated in format, with the ubiquitous 750ml glass bottle and cork representing the bulk of volumes. Glass holds a share of 85% of the entire category; a characteristic which comes to a great extent from the traditions of wine production and consumption in the Old World. Western Europe still accounts for 49% of global wine packaging sales in 2013. This homogeneity in the market for still wine packaging and closures is not expected to change in any drastic manner through to 2018; yet there are some areas of diversification in evidence.

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August 18, 2014

Euromonitor to Speak at PFAC Conference 2014


Event Name: Pet Food Association of Canada

Dates: November 13 and 14, 2014

Event Location: Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta

SvetlanaUduslivaiaSpeaker: Svetlana Uduslivaia, Senior Research Analyst

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Presentation Title: Global Pet Food Trends Report

Presentation Time: November 14 12:00pm

Event Website:

Smaller Packs for Bigger Sales? Part Two: The Importance of Pricing

James MaddockAnalyst Insight by James Maddock - Packaging Analyst

In part one of Smaller Pack for Bigger Sales? some of the arguments relating to the value of lower-income consumers in emerging markets were explored. In part two, we will look at the importance of pricing and the role packagers can play in this. Although there are a number of challenges to overcome when it comes to connecting with lower-income consumers in emerging markets, packaging manufacturers are in a good position to deal with the key issue of affordability

Affordability a Key Concern for Packagers, Consumers and Brand Owners

Goods must be packaged in a reasonable pack type and size in order to meet the household budgets of low-income consumers. For example, although it may be commonplace for UK shoppers to buy milk in a four-pint HDPE bottle, such a size would represent a considerable outlay for both a consumer and a small retailer in a developing country.

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What is the Next Revenue Generator for Consumer Electronics Companies?

Smartphones and tablets have been the main growth drivers in consumer electronics for quite some time, but saturation in both emerging and mature markets is causing a slowdown in sales of these devices. Manufacturers are looking to new growth opportunities, and wearable electronics are the primary choice for most electronics companies. However, these devices will eventually drop in price due to market saturation, thus companies will have to turn to a more profitable revenue stream.

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The Rich World of Emerging Markets


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High-income earners in emerging economies are a diverse group and what constitutes a high income is dramatically different across countries. The relative wealth of the highest earners, when compared to low and middle income consumers within their own countries, can also be poles apart. Winning over this group can be crucial for market success particularly in categories such as transport, education and hotels and catering where they dominate consumer spending.

A Seven-Fold Difference

Looking at the disposable incomes of decile 10 households – the highest earning 10% of households – across the world’s largest 20 emerging markets, reveals stark differences.  The richest of the rich are in Saudi Arabia where decile 10 incomes are more than 7 times higher than the rich in Pakistan, the lowest-earning decile 10 households in this ranking. A decile 10 Pakistani household earns US$17,332 which places it on a par with the lowest earning 20% of households in the USA.

Average Disposable Income of a Decile 10 Household in the World’s 20 Largest Emerging Markets: 2013


Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics

Note:  Deciles are calculated by ranking all of the households in a country by disposable income level, from the lowest-earning to the highest earning. The ranking is then split into 10 equal sized groups of households. Decile 1 refers to the lowest earning 10%, through to Decile 10, which refers to the highest earning 10% of households.

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August 17, 2014

Tata’s State of Play in Global Coffee and Earth Rules Acquisition

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee, Senior Beverages Analyst

Tata Global Beverages Ltd’s (TGBL) global ambitions are clear and well laid out. The company is aggressively acquiring and building a comprehensive beverages portfolio through both the extension of existing core brands and new brand acquisitions. Geographical expansion was also a priority from previous acquisitions. The company aims to achieve revenues of US$5 billion by 2015. This is achievable if it sustains its rapid expansion. TGBL’s long-term corporate goal is to become a major player in tea, coffee and bottled water. While the company is already a leading player in tea globally, it would take many years to replicate that position in coffee if relying solely on organic growth over the medium term. Its recent acquisition of Australian company Earth Rules is a positive move in this direction. Bronski Eleven Pty Ltd Australia was the holding company of Earth Rules Pty Ltd. However, the country’s limited growth potential may have an insignificant impact on TGBL’s global coffee position unless it expands its newly acquired business to other countries.

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