White Paper: China Overtakes the USA as the World's Largest Economy

250_chinaVsUS-v1.0An economic milestone is expected to occur in 2014 with China likely to overtake the USA to become the world’s largest economy in Purchasing Power Parity or PPP terms.


China and the USA may be economic rivals but beyond the headlines divergent trends in both countries are apparent. Everything from living standards, consumption patterns, the business environment, productivity, retail and travel markets differ in China from the USA.  Similarities are there with income inequality an issue in both countries and both are leaders in the development of renewable energy technologies, manufacturing production and, less auspiciously, pollution.

Our analysts have identified the key weaknesses and strengths of the two superpowers across a wide range of industry sectors and in terms of economics, demographics, consumer trends and the business environment.




Key Facts:

  • As the world’s two largest manufacturers, China and the USA lead in global energy consumption and pollution, with China overtaking the USA in 2010 to become the world’s biggest energy consumer.
  • China is set to overtake the USA in 2014 in terms of international travel and knock Germany off the top spot in 2017 to become the largest outbound source market with 105 million outbound trips.
  • By 2018, USA’s beauty per capita spending is expected to increase to US$240, approximately five times higher than China’s projected per capita spending of US$50. The success of local beauty and personal care players in China has led to brands such as Garnier and Revlon pulling out of the country.
  • In 2002, China overtook the USA to become the leading beer market in terms of volume sales. However, China still has some way to go before it can claim to be the world’s biggest beer market by value.


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July 31, 2014

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food: Fad or New Trend?

Skepticism of processed, packaged dog food is setting the stage for a rise in biologically appropriate raw food, or BARF. Consumers who buy BARF products maintain that mainstream dog food is unhealthy for their pets’ digestive systems and are willing to pay a premium price and dedicate freezer space for this type of pet food. The key for manufacturers of BARF products is to reach out to health-oriented consumers to continue to grow sales or risk consumers labeling the products as an ideological trend.

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New Confectionery Data – What is it Telling Us?

Lauren BandyAnalyst Insight by Lauren Bandy - Food Analyst

In 2014, global retail value sales of confectionery reached an all-time high of US$198 billion according to Euromonitor International’s newly published data, an increase of nearly $4 billion over 2013. Driven by a desire for more premium products, consumers in both developed and emerging markets are increasingly turning towards chocolate confectionery as an affordable indulgence and the category represented over half of total confectionery sales in 2014. Meanwhile, growth of sugar confectionery is much lower, although sales were up by US$1.4 billion in 2013 to reach US$62.5 in 2014, thanks mostly to growth in Asia Pacific and Latin America. Increasing dental health concerns mean that the gum category has seen no growth, with the strong performance of sugar-free gum being offset by declines in sugarised gum and bubble gum, with retail value sales static in 2014 at US$24.6 billion.

2014 Sees a Shift in Top 10 Country Rankings

In 2014, Asia Pacific overtook North America to become the second largest confectionery market globally, although it is still a long way off the leader Western Europe, which saw retail value sales of US$62.9 billion in 2014.

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¡No te pierdas nuestra presentación en el Food Technology Summit & Expo 2014!


Nombre del evento: Food Technology Summit & Expo 2014
Para más información: www.ftsexpo.com 
Fecha: 1 al 2 de octubre, 2014
Día, fecha y hora de nuestra presentación:  Jueves 2 de octubre, de 12:15 a 13:15, Centro Banamex, México DF

Acerca del evento:  La Séptima Edición del Food Technology Summit & Expo reúne a más de 150 empresas líderes proveedoras de aditivos, ingredientes y soluciones para la industria de Alimentos y Bebidas de México y Centroamérica con el objetivo de hacer negocios y branding. El evento recibe la visita de más de 8 mil asistentes que la consolidan como la más importante en la región. Asimismo, el Food Technology Summit & Expo ofrece un completo programa de capacitación que incluye un Congreso Internacional y un Ciclo de 21 Conferencias Gratuitas de Innovación Alimentaria.

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Interés por los deportes, impulsa el mercado de ropa deportiva en Chile

Eurosantiago_Andres.Chehtman_LThumbCon Andres Chehtman, Analista de investigación

El crecimiento de la práctica deportiva en Chile, acompañada de una fuerte actividad promocional de las principales marcas ha hecho que las ventas de ropa y calzado deportivos hayan aumentado aproximadamente 5% al año en términos de valor en los últimos 5 años según datos de la empresa de investigación de mercado, Euromonitor International. Hoy el país es uno de los de mayor consumo per cápita de estas prendas en Latinoamérica. Los deportes que más reflejan estas tendencias son el fútbol, el running, las actividades outdoor y el ciclismo.

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Apple Posts Strong Earnings, But Finding New Revenue Streams Remains Crucial

MykolaGolovkoAnalyst Insight by Mykola Golovko - Consumer Electronics Analyst

View Mykola Golovko's profile on LinkedIn

The most critical component of Apple Inc’s 6% rise in quarterly revenues was the 28% increase in sales from Greater China. China was the biggest driver of iPhone sales growth for the quarter, helping the company reach 35.2 million units shipped globally. However, the company continues to see weakness in iPad sales, which totalled 13.3 million units. Sales of both iPhones and iPads are expected to be adversely effected as competitive pressure continues to mount and, as growth in smartphones is slowing, products in the pipeline become ever more important for the company’s prospects.

Global retail sales of iOS devices

Source: Euromonitor International

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July 30, 2014

Advanced Economies Drive Global Growth in 2014

Despite a weak first quarter, the global economy is picking up pace and is expected to perform even stronger in the second half of 2014. Advanced economies are leading global growth, a reversal of the pattern of recent years when emerging markets dominated. As a result, there will be renewed interest in investment and capital inflows to developed countries but challenges remain such as low inflation, risks of deflation and persistent unemployment.

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Webinar Recording: A Year of Change in Global Foodservice Strategies


Gain an understanding of the trends, struggles, and changes that faced the global foodservice space in 2013 and will drive the industry in 2014. The global foodservice customer is changing, and successful operators must appeal to emerging “universal” global consumers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the most important global growth targets have changed
  • Why previous standbys like China and India have become tougher to navigate
  • What key markets should be targeted next
  • New trends in foodservice, including new formats and ordering channels, the rise of delivery and drive-through service worldwide and growth in online and mobile ordering


Survey Results: Personal Appearances

Based on widespread gender stereotypes, many would assume that women worldwide are more concerned with their outward appearance than their male counterparts. Euromonitor International's Survey Team polled over 6,600 consumers in over 16 different countries to further understand consumers’ style and their beauty and personal care routines. Play the video to find out which results enforced these stereotypes and which results went against the grain.

For further information, please download an extract of the survey results now or explore the full summary report.

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Premium Private Label Vitamins and Dietary Supplements to Capture Greater Market Share

Mark StrobelAnalyst Insight by Mark Strobel - Consumer Health Analyst

The US$206 billion global consumer health market is highly competitive. In 2013, the top ten companies determined just 25% of retail value share, with the next 25% split between more than 80 additional companies. The vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS) market is especially fragmented, with the three leading companies, Amway Corp, Pfizer Inc and NBTY Inc, combining for just 11% of global retail value sales. The growing presence of private label is intensifying the cutthroat competitive nature of the consumer health market. Though particularly strong among over-the-counter remedies (OTC), more consumers are turning to private label VDS. As private label VDS portfolios evolve from bare-bones economy goods to include high quality, value-added products with non-genetically modified organism (GMO), gluten free, organic, and vegetarian and vegan options, they will capture a greater share of the market by appealing to those consumers seeking premium supplements.

Private Label Presence in Consumer Health

Private label continues its rapid growth in consumer health, achieving a CAGR of 8% to reach retail value sales of US$13.9 billion in 2013. Significantly outpacing industry growth, private label accounts for a greater share of consumer health sales each year. While the US is the primary private label market with retail sales of US$11.2 billion in 2013, these products are gaining traction in other regions, particularly Australasia and Western Europe. The extensive retail chains in these developed regions have the infrastructure to outsource manufacturing, distribute, and provide an eye-catching in-store presence for these products. However, private label continues to have by far the strongest presence in the US, holding 19% retail value share in consumer health in 2013, compared to 5% in Western Europe and 3% in Australasia. Private label retail value share is minor in the emerging regions Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa with a share below 1%.

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July 29, 2014

Why Shopper Marketing is Increasingly Important to Soft Drinks

Howard TelfordAnalyst Insight by Howard Telford - Beverages Analyst

View Howard Telford's profile on LinkedIn

Recently, I attended the Shopper Insights in Action conference in Chicago. The conference centred on strategies for improving data gathering, segmentation and execution inside CPG retailers, with the goal of more effectively understanding and reaching consumers at the point of sale. A short recap of the event is available here.

The improvement of shopper marketing techniques has a particular relevance for the soft drinks industry. High value categories like carbonates and juice have been in a state of decline in the developed markets of North America and Western Europe. Global brands are finding more growth opportunities in emerging economies, but healthier lifestyles are having a global impact on the appeal of major soft drinks brands. Traditional forms of brand building and consumer engagement – TV advertising, billboards, or sponsorship – do not seem to have the same impact when consumers are inundated with many channels of content and unprecedented product choice.

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