Top 100 City Destinations Ranking


Euromonitor International is pleased to release its annual Top City Destinations Ranking, covering 100 of the world’s leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals. The continuing increase in arrivals to these cities illustrates their economic strength, as well as the sustained importance of urban centres to global tourism, both business and leisure. In fact, these cities combined grew by 5.4% in 2013 –higher than the 4.8% growth experienced by overall international arrivals.

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Asian cities account for a third of the most visited cities

Over a third of all destinations are located in the Asian Pacific region, illustrating strong regional travel trends within Asia, as well as the growing connections throughout the region. Within the top 10, six of the leading cities are from Asia, with the top three remaining unchanged from last year – Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. These three Asian mega-cities serve as some of the top destinations for Chinese travellers as well as being air network hubs. Bangkok showed the strongest growth among the top 10 cities, up 10.4% from 2012 to reach 17.4 million arrivals, despite political unrest breaking out at the end of the year. Chinese visitors are key to Thailand’s booming arrivals, with close links between the countries as well as efficient and short transport connections.

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February 1, 2015

The Customisable Fashion Trend in Singapore

Online apparel retailing grew at a rate of 6% in Singapore in 2014. Bespoke fashion has gained a following in recent years, driven by popularity of hipster shops, experimental and expressive attitudes of young shoppers, and better access to international brands. Many luxury brands have launched customized shoe services for both men and women. In nearby developing market, the bespoke trend mainly takes the form of tailoring services. Watch the video for complete insights.

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Euromonitor to Speak at VIV Asia 2015

Viv Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

Date:  11th – 13th March, 2015

Event Description: VNU Exhibitions Europe, part of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs, is active organizing trade shows in the field of intensive animal farming for many years and has achieved a high international standard with the exhibition brand VIV. The exhibition program of VIV typically includes companies active in feed milling and supplying feed milling equipment, animal feed and feed additives, animal health products, breeding and housing, meat products, meat processing, packaging and logistics and other services related to the animal protein production industry.

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Technology Trends in Latin America


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Cross-functionality and inter-connectivity will drive growth in technology and consumer electronics in Latin America in 2015.  Consumers expect their devices to cohabitate and collaborate with each other. For entertainment companies, multi-platform functionality is increasingly important.

Podcast features Amanda Boulier - Research Analyst

January 31, 2015

Why Smart Marketers don’t Rely on Google for Research


by Jeraldine Phneah - Regional Business Development

It surprises me when I encounter people who naively believe that Google alone is sufficient for their market-research needs. If that was really the case, all the market research firms would have shut down a long time ago. However, they have not. Instead, these companies are thriving. Clearly, there is a lot of value in vendor services.

Whether it is to pitch for new business or strategy planning, agencies need reliable and quality market research all the time. Here are five ways why engaging a market research vendor beats using a search engine for market research.

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Lindt’s Failure to Sell Chocolate in Developing Markets is Gifting Revenues to Competitors

Jack SkellyAnalyst Insight by Jack Skelly - Research Analyst

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Few confectionery brands can rival the global reputation that Ferrero and Lindt possess. Ferrero Rocher and Lindor chocolate are seen as quality goods reserved for refined occasions and wealthier shoppers. This reputation is part of their success – they are seen as status symbols for people to aspire to purchasing, regardless of their price tags. While strong similarities exist between the two companies – 73% of all Lindt’s sales occur in categories where Ferrero is also present – there are serious differences in their strategic priorities, which can be explained using Euromonitor International’s Competitor Analytics tool.

Lindt Versus the Rest: Lindt's Positioning in Relation to Key Competitors



Note:In terms of high growth countries and categories, each company’s box is placed on the grid relative to the historic growth of countries/categories the company is present. For categories, the following thresholds are used: Low <3%, Mid 3-5.2%, High >5.2%, retail value market size growth 2008-13. For countries, the following thresholds are used Low <0.9%, Mid 0.9%-3.4%, High >3.4%, Real GDP growth 2008-13. Chocolate confectionery had 2.6% global growth, placing it in the bottom growth threshold relative to other FMCG industries.

Source: Euromonitor International (Competitor Analytics)

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January 30, 2015

Henkel and Hair Care: Reassessing Priorities in Western Europe

Oru_MohiuddinAnalyst Insight by Oru Mohuiddin - Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

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It has been reported that Henkel intends to prioritise hair care in its beauty portfolio. This is hardly unexpected, since hair care is the company’s largest beauty category and is expected to be the second biggest growth driver for global beauty and personal care from 2013 and 2018. However, what does “prioritising hair care” actually entail and what must Henkel do to achieve this goal? An answer to these questions can be broken into three parts:

  1. Henkel first needs to determine which markets to prioritise in its home turf of Western Europe.

  2. Then it needs to identify prospective markets outside Western Europe to either enter or increase its presence

  3. Thirdly, assessing if an acquisition would help Henkel reach its goal of developing a greater presence in hair care. If so, who would make a good strategic fit?

This article focuses on the first part – exploring market opportunities for Henkel in Western Europe.

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MasterCard and Visa Report 4th Quarter 2014 Results

Kendrick SandsAnalyst Insight by Kendrick Sands - Consumer Finance Analyst

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MasterCard and Visa reported their final quarter results of 2014 on January 30th and 29th respectively. In the fourth quarter, both Visa Inc. (excluding Visa Europe) and MasterCard reported a decline in y-o-y growth of card payment value in 2014 compared to 2013 as a result of a strengthening dollar and the falling price of gas. MasterCard acquired two companies in the fourth quarter bringing their total acquired companies in 2014 to six. The fourth quarter acquisitions of Transaction Network Services and 5one Marketing Limited focused on increasing MasterCard’s digital products, services and global reach. From 2013 to 2014 Visa Inc. and MasterCard increased total payment value by US$376 billion and US$289 billion respectively. However, MasterCard’s growth rate surpassed that of Visa with a y-o-y growth of 9.7% compared to 8.6% for Visa.

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Lithuania Joins Eurozone– A Geopolitical Move with Economic Consequences

Manushi JainAnalyst Insight by Manushi Jain - Economist

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Eurozone’s overall economic problems have not dissipated, yet Lithuania joined Europe’s single currency zone adopting the euro in January 2015 – the third and last Baltic state (after Estonia and Latvia) to do so. Why? It had an obligation to do so under the European Union (EU) rules when it entered the bloc in 2004 now that the country meets the criteria for joining the single currency. Euro adoption provides Lithuania with a geopolitical shield against Russia, like joining the NATO, though this comes with economic ramifications as Europe’s crisis remains one of the biggest threats to the global economy in 2015.

Lithuania and Eurozone’s Real GDP Growth: 2008-2020

Lithuania GDP Growth

Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics/Eurostat/OECD/UN/International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Economic Outlook (WEO)

Note: Data for 2015-2020 refer to forecasts. 

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Fashion Friday: The Global Landscape for Hair Care Appliances


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Hair care appliances have a 243% penetration rate in the US market. Consumers are purchasing multiples as products are becoming more multifunctional, adding features like speed, power or moisturizing care. The biggest growth markets for haircare appliances in the next few years will be in the Middle East and Africa as western lifestyle influence and growing expat population drive consumer demand.

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January 29, 2015

Analysing the Changes and Opportunities of Southwest Airlines


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Nadejda_PopovaPodcast features Nadejda Popova, Senior Travel and Tourism Research Analyst

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Southwest is among the largest low-cost airlines in the world. Over the years, Southwest has been focused on developing its domestic market, but now the company is beginning to push international expansion very aggressively. The airline is additionally expanding its positioning in the domestic market through increased capacity in major airports and trying to lure more business travellers on board. Listen to the podcast to complete insights.

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