Santa’s Shopping Basket for Eastern Europe in 2016

by , , , and December 9th, 2016

It is a serious business in most Eastern Europeans’ cultures when it comes to celebrating Christmas and New Year. No matter how the economic landscape might be, consumers will find a way to enjoy the end-of-the-year holidays – and all retailers are waiting for this period. This year, internet retailing will continue building on its […]


Jumbo responde a nueva ley de etiquetado de alimentos en Chile con marca propia Doblezero

by December 8th, 2016

  Las marcas propias están ganando terreno en América Latina, lo que ha permitido un mayor desarrollo y sofisticación. En Chile destaca el caso de la marca de bebidas gaseosas Jumbo Doblezero de la cadena de supermercados Jumbo, que bajo el panorama actual de la nueva ley de etiquetado de alimentos, lanzó este producto que […]


“Big Soda” Goes Natural and Niche with Latest Acquisitions

by and December 8th, 2016

In a bid to reduce their dependence on the struggling carbonates segment, the three biggest players in US carbonates have recently made a number of acquisitions to expand into more premium soft drinks segments. On November 22, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group announced it was purchasing Bai Brands for US$1.7 billion. On the same day, PepsiCo […]


Euromonitor International Interview Series: Dharmash Mistry, CEO and Co-Founder of blow LTD

by December 7th, 2016

Euromonitor International is pleased to present an interview with Dharmash Mistry, CEO and Co-Founder of blow LTD, the UK’s leading on-demand beauty provider, delivering expert beauty services to the door. With the sharing economy continuing to dominate conversation in business and beyond, the beauty industry has been one of the last revolutions when it comes […]


Change in Consumer Lifestyles in Asia Pacific Triggers Volume in Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

by December 7th, 2016

Over 2016-2021, China is still expected to be a leading country in terms of absolute volume growth in robotic vacuum cleaners in Asia Pacific, with volume growth of 1.6 million units, followed by Japan and Thailand. In Asia Pacific, there are various reasons driving the growth in these countries apart from the universal preference for […]


Best Practices for Industry Associations: How to Use Research in Strategy Development and Member Engagement

by December 6th, 2016

Global market research company Euromonitor International released today a new white paper “Best Practices for Industry Associations: How to Use Research in Strategy Development and Member Engagement,” highlighting the benefits of market research for associations. The white paper evaluates different applications of market research for associations, demonstrating through case studies how strategic information is used […]


How to Perfect Your Market Entry Strategy

by December 5th, 2016

There are many reasons businesses look to international expansion: greater profits, lower costs, the acquisition of new skills and technologies and the diversification of cost and profit bases amongst them. Before undertaking an expansion strategy, gaining an understanding of the company’s readiness to expand is crucial. What are the motivations? Are the processes to cope […]


Euromonitor International Interview Series on Sustainable Business Models: Magda Pereira at ENERCON

by December 5th, 2016

The strategy briefing titled ‘Sustainability and New Ways of Doing Business,’ explored the growing momentum in clean energy. Euromonitor is pleased to publish an interview of Magda Pereira at ENERCON to illustrate the factors that are making it possible for wind energy to develop as a mainstream energy source. The developments are very inspiring given […]