Analyst Viewpoint: Consumer Finance in Brazil

by May 4th, 2017

The analyst viewpoint series features interviews with analysts from several of the 46 markets covered in Euromonitor’s Consumer Finance research programme, discussing key payment trends or developments in their respective research markets. What entity holds the power in your market? Operators, issuers, merchants? Is it changing? In Brazil, acquirers were commonly the ones to hold […]

Brazil’s Cities to See Better Growth Prospects after a Nasty Recession

by March 5th, 2017

As revealed by recently published City Reviews of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, during the period 2011-2016 Brazilian cities witnessed the worst economic performance among the BRIC urban markets. In fact, 19 out of 26 first- and second-tier cities in Brazil that Euromonitor International tracks experienced total real GDP contractions of between 1-16% […]

Euromonitor to Speak at Feira do Empreendedor SEBRAE-SP 2017

by February 12th, 2017

Event Name: Feira do Empreendedor SEBRAE-SP Date: 18-21 February, 2017 Location: São Paulo, Brazil Link to Event: Event Description: A sexta edição da Feira do Empreendedor do SEBRAE-SP ocorre de 18 a 21 de fevereiro de 2017. Reunindo expositores e consultores, é uma oportunidade única de fazer novos negócios e se atualizar empresarialmente. Para […]