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August 15, 2015

Could Birch Water be the next Coconut Water?


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Birch water, which is extracted from the liquid absorbed by birch trees, has been consumed by Eastern European and Nordic countries for decades and recently discovered by health enthusiasts who claim it as the next 'miracle product'. Similar in chemical makeup to coconut water, the drink is low in calories and contains essential vitamins and minerals. However the extraction process is tedious and the shelf life is short. If marketed correctly, birch water could go head to head with coconut water.

Analyst features Salla Korpivaara - Research Analyst

August 14, 2015

Selling Sleep as a Commodity

Daphne KasrielAnalyst Insight by Daphne Kasriel-Alexander - Consumer Trends Consultant

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Consumers’ busy lifestyles and today’s greater understanding that sleep enhances lives and health including goals like weight loss, mean that more brands are responding to the consumer pursuit of quality sleep. A slew of products offering better sleep include “Night Milk”, herbal supplements, sleep monitoring and sleep enhancing apps, calming baby toiletries and hotel and airline sleep options. This comes at a time when sleep feels like a luxury amenity as time-pressed, digitally active consumers eat into their nightly slumber.

Blue light, “night milk” and 24/7 mobile accessories

Sleep Review, a journal for sleep specialists recently reported on how German company Milchkristalle had found success selling “Night Milk”, from cows milked at night. Night time milking means the resulting milk contains up to 20 times more of the sleep hormone melatonin than standard milk.  

Selling-sleepThis comes at a good time as 24/7 mobile connectivity is taken literally by many. Most people sleep holding their mobile phones according to a Motorola seven-country online study of over 7000 consumers published in late July 2015, which revealed highest percentages in India (74%) and China (70%). This attachment to mobiles at night exists despite well publicised studies indicating that the blue light from mobile devices disrupts sleep patterns. Website Digital Trends has just turned its attention to how consumers can reduce the damaging effects of blue light on sleep. It highlights the special filters, protective glasses, light bulbs, and even software available. Among the most popular current sleep-enhancing software options is F.lux. It tweaks the colour of your computer’s display to the time of day, so it gets warmer at night and has more blue throughout the day. The Twilight app on Android does this too. 

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August 13, 2015

¡Estaremos en la 2da edición de AFN Latam, no te pierdas nuestra presentación!


Nombre del evento: AFN LATAM, Alimentos Funcionales y Nutracéuticos Latin America
Para más información: http://www.informagroup.com.br/afn/es 
Fecha: 14-15 de octubre, 2015
Día, fecha y hora de nuestra presentación:  Miércoles 14 de octubre, de 10 a 11am, Hotel Four Points, Santiago, Chile

Acerca del evento:  Euromonitor International se complace en apoyar por segundo año consecutivo al evento AFN Latam 2015 – Alimentos Funcionales y Nutracéuticos. De los mismos organizadores de la serie mundial, Vitafoods, este evento es el único enfocado exclusivamente a este sector en Chile, dedicado a brindar información relevante y actualizada sobre regulaciones, tendencias y desarrollo de nuevos productos, con el fin de apoyar a las empresas para que puedan tomar mejores decisiones de negocio.

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August 10, 2015

Doing Business in the Halal Market

The Muslim religion is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world, with Muslim consumers expected to reach 26 percent of the global population by 2030.

Muslim consumers seek products that cater to their religious needs and comply with Islamic requirements: from halal production process to halal labelling and packaging. The lack of permissible offerings has led to a surge in demand, as Muslims grow hungry for trendy products and services adapted to their lifestyle.

Discover opportunities in this ever-expanding pool of consumers. Download our white paper today.

August 3, 2015

Using Megatrends to Examine the Health and Wellness Market

Health and Wellness producers are often advised to target consumers who already live healthy and sustainable lifestyles, but by examining the health and wellness market using megatrends, several other aspects emerge. Health and wellness products cannot sell on the sole basis of being healthy - desirability and lifestyle adaptation are key factors as well.

Video features David Ingemar Hedin - Research Analyst

July 26, 2015

High Protein Products in Asia


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High-protein packaged food products have taken developed markets by storm. This podcast discusses recent product launches, ingredients, micronutrients and consumer diet trends. Listen for complete insights.

Yulia FranciscaPodcast features Yulia Francisca - Senior Research Analyst



July 22, 2015

Confira nossa apresentação na FiSA!


Nome do evento: FiSA – Food Ingredients South America

Data: 25 a 27 de agosto de 2015, das 13h às 20h, Transamérica Expo Center, São Paulo

Confira nossa apresentação: terça-feira (25) às 14h40

Sobre o evento: A Food ingredients South America, que está na 19ª edição, é o evento mais completo de ingredientes alimentícios da América Latina. A Feira reúne a cada edição cerca de  13 mil profissionais qualificados, nacionais e internacionais, de 35 países diferentes. Paralelamente, haverá a Health ingredients South America, com uma conferência exclusiva voltada ao segmento de alimentos funcionais. Também acontece simultaneamente a Pharma ingredients South America, na qual estarão os principais desenvolvedores de insumos para a indústria farmacêutica.

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July 16, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at SupplySide West 2015


Event: SupplySide West

Dates: October 5-9, 2015

Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Website: http://west.supplysideshow.com/

Ewa HudsonSpeaker: Ewa Hudson - Head of Health and Wellness Research

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July 8, 2015

Ley de etiquetado de alimentos en Chile: ¿Quién gana y quién pierde?

Felipe-PintoPor: Felipe Pinto, Research Associate en Euromonitor International

Inicialmente, es de esperar que la ley sea en rigor homogénea y tenga como objeto regular las condiciones básicas que garanticen la igualdad en el ejercicio del derecho y deberes de los ciudadanos, tanto a nivel personal como empresarial. ¿Pero qué ocurre entonces cuando la puesta en rigor de una ley inclina la balanza en favor de un grupo de empresas?

La ley de etiquetado de alimentos ha sufrido varios cambios desde su primera propuesta hasta su actual forma definitiva. Uno de ellos, que pareciera ser menor, pone sobre el tapete una discusión hasta ahora oculta, con implicancias que aún están por descifrarse. El cambio es el de pasar  del etiquetado por porciones al etiquetado por 100g de producto. Si bien esta modificación se hizo a mediados del 2014, no ha habido un análisis acabado de las consecuencias que podría conllevar, por lo que cabe preguntarse, ¿Cómo podría esto afectar a alguna categoría específica, o más aún, cómo podría esto beneficiar únicamente a alguna o algunas  empresas?

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June 25, 2015

Top Trends Seen at FMI Connect and United Fresh 2015

The FMI (Food Marketing Institute) Connect, InterBev, and United Fresh co-located trade shows took place in Chicago from June 8 to 11. The three trade shows hosted attendees who saw the latest in alcoholic drinks, fresh produce, hot and soft drinks, and packaged foods for the supermarket industry. Below are the top trends that the Euromonitor research team of Beatriz de Llano, Emily Balsamo, Eric Penicka, Mark Strobel, and Virginia Lee observed.

Authentic Italian


Italian companies had a big presence at this year’s FMI Connect through the Italy pavilion. Organized by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the pavilion featured about 50 Italian food and beverage companies featuring products from gorgonzola cheese to Prosecco to packaged cornetti (an Italian pastry). While the presence of Italian products at FMI Connect was undoubtedly to increase exports of Italian products into US retail outlets, the underlying goal of the ITA was to educate Americans about what separates products from Italy and those made in the Italian style. Further, the ITA’s final objective is to obtain geographic labelling protections much like those which currently exist within the European Union, which are currently being negotiated under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. If passed, geographical indications on European products would give consumers an additional informative label to trust, much like “Certified GF Gluten Free” and “USDA Organic” certifications, assisting consumers in identifying true Italian products from their imitators.

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¡Estaremos en la 2da edición de AFN Latam, no te pierdas nuestra presentación!

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