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June 25, 2015

Top Trends Seen at FMI Connect and United Fresh 2015

The FMI (Food Marketing Institute) Connect, InterBev, and United Fresh co-located trade shows took place in Chicago from June 8 to 11. The three trade shows hosted attendees who saw the latest in alcoholic drinks, fresh produce, hot and soft drinks, and packaged foods for the supermarket industry. Below are the top trends that the Euromonitor research team of Beatriz de Llano, Emily Balsamo, Eric Penicka, Mark Strobel, and Virginia Lee observed.

Authentic Italian


Italian companies had a big presence at this year’s FMI Connect through the Italy pavilion. Organized by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the pavilion featured about 50 Italian food and beverage companies featuring products from gorgonzola cheese to Prosecco to packaged cornetti (an Italian pastry). While the presence of Italian products at FMI Connect was undoubtedly to increase exports of Italian products into US retail outlets, the underlying goal of the ITA was to educate Americans about what separates products from Italy and those made in the Italian style. Further, the ITA’s final objective is to obtain geographic labelling protections much like those which currently exist within the European Union, which are currently being negotiated under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. If passed, geographical indications on European products would give consumers an additional informative label to trust, much like “Certified GF Gluten Free” and “USDA Organic” certifications, assisting consumers in identifying true Italian products from their imitators.

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June 20, 2015

Food Intolerance Products Booming in Western Europe

The food intolerance industry grew by 11% in value terms in Western Europe in 2014. As consumers are increasingly diagnosed with lactose- and gluten-free and diabetes, consumer awareness of these products as a healthy alternative has increased accordingly. Watch the video for complete analyst insights.

Video features Roberto Fernandez - Senior Food and Nutrition Analyst 

June 1, 2015

Euromonitor to Speak at Nutrition Integrates 2015


Event Name: Nutrition Integrates

Date: Thursday 4 June 2015

Location: London, UK

Event Description:
Rapidly becoming established as a must-attend event, Nutrition Integrates returns to London in 2015 to promote debate and discussion amongst senior level strategists from the nutrition and wider business communities.

Addressing the issues affecting global health and well-being, from food to nutraceuticals, from safety to sustainability, book your place to participate, learn and network.

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May 29, 2015

Top 5 Food Trends at NRA Show 2015

NRAThe National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show took place in Chicago from May 16 to 20. The show and its BAR event hosted attendees from around the world who saw the latest in packaged foods, hot and soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, cooking equipment, and software for the restaurant industry. Below are the top 5 food trends that the Euromonitor research team of Emily Balsamo and Virginia Lee observed.
1. 3-D Printing: With the increase in foodies posting food and beverage photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there is more pressure on chefs and mixologists to create an eye-popping entree or cocktail. Enter the 3-D culinary printer that can print out multi-coloured candy orchids and sugar skulls to decorate cakes and drinks. 3D Systems used its ChefJetPro food printer to print edible sugar objects on the show floor.
2. Ancient Grains: Amaranth, buckwheat, Kamut, millet, quinoa, and spelt have been growing in popularity in the US and companies are trying to capitalize on that trend.  Quinoa is one the most popular ancient grains with gluten-free positioning and high protein content making it appealing for multiple eating occasions. For example, yoghurt maker Chobani featured their Chobani Oats Ancient Grain Blend that includes amaranth and buckwheat in addition to steel-cut oats and chia. Atalanta Corporation positioned its Del Destino Ready to Eat Quinoa Salads as a quick, high-protein, vegetarian meal. PepsiCo introduced a quinoa variety of its Quaker Granola Bars to appeal to healthy snackers. While wheat has declined in popularity to the gluten-free trend, Americans have embraced ancient grains because those whole grains are high in fibre and minerals.

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May 12, 2015

Brazil's Business Environment: Consumption in Economic Slowdown

250_brazilBusiness-v1.0On the surface, Brazil looks like an attractive market. It is the seventh largest global economy and has a population of 200 million, with high consumer expenditure and high demand for commodities.
But Brazilians are spending less, industrial confidence is deteriorating, and inflation is rising, meaning a future of slow growth and economic recovery.

Consumer goods companies operating in Brazil need to adapt their strategy to integrate the global market place. What are the reasons behind this slowdown and how can organisations work it to their advantage? 

Download our white paper today to learn:

› How Brazil’s rapid currency depreciation has affected its economy and consumers 

› Which consumer industries are slowing down and which have new opportunities

› Why the middle class is changing Brazil’s economic landscape


April 30, 2015

Kraft-Heinz’s Potential Impact on the Global Health and Wellness Market

Hope.LeeAnalyst Insight by Hope Lee - Senior Beverages Analyst

The forthcoming merger between Kraft Foods Group Inc and Heinz Co HJ has naturally generated widespread interest as well as discussions as to the huge impact the new entity, Kraft-Heinz, might possibly have on the overall packaged food and beverage market. How the new company can move Kraft’s flagging foods businesses forward is being discussed intently, for example. In the press release, the aim of the merger is said to look for, “Significant synergy opportunities with [a] strong platform for organic growth in North America, as well as global expansion, by combining Kraft’s brands with Heinz’s international platform.” This article takes a quick look at Kraft-Heinz’s potential impact on the health and wellness (HW) market, with a focus on what Heinz can perhaps offer to the new entity in Australia, India and Italy, as examples.

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April 28, 2015

Challenges and Opportunities in Targeting the Senior Consumer

250_seniorConsumer-v1.0The senior market is a lucrative market to explore. The population over 60 stood at 912 million in 2014, representing 12.6 percent of the global population. By 2030, this segment will account for 18 percent, reaching 1.5 billion globally. While China is the fastest growing ageing market with over 60s forecast to grow by more than 46 percent between 2014 and 2030, Japan has the oldest population, with a massive 33 percent aged over 60. Japan is a model on the impact of this demographic shift, showing the effects of different methods of governmental intervention and product development opportunities.








Key findings:

  • E-health, home assistance and elderly-friendly services will drive technology developments in the senior market, with health being the most dynamic consumer expenditure category through 2030.

  • Efficacy and natural features remain key features when it comes to marketing beauty products to the over 60s.

  • Demand for luxury goods focusing on heritage and craftsmanship is popular among senior consumers.

  • As senior consumers usually invest in timeless, quality clothing, an older population will have a negative impact on sales volume in the apparel market.

  • Presbyopia represents a key market driver in eyewear.

April 20, 2015

Opportunities and Challenges in Specialty Food Ingredients


Thursday, April 23 | 9 a.m. CDT / 3 p.m. BST

The supply of speciality ingredients to the international food and drinks market presents varied opportunities and challenges.

Adding value is a priority for the global food and beverage industry, with consumers no longer looking for simple nutrition or hydration but demanding far more in terms of taste and quality, health and wellness, naturalness, and convenience. There are also many issues at supply level that are having a significant impact on business strategies, including economic challenges, sustainability, and regulatory issues.  Our presentation will discuss the activities of ingredients companies and their response to the opportunities and challenges in today’s global market.

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April 9, 2015

Health and Wellness RTD Tea: World Growth Prospects


Asian markets will be the main drivers of global sales of HW RTD tea over the forecast period, with local brands more popular than multinational brands. Vietnam’s explosive expansion in NH RTD tea will make it a very attractive market in the next few years. The Coca-Cola Co has lost share globally in HW RTD tea amid its minor position in the US’s NH category. The cola carbonates giant should look to make good progress in NH RTD tea to avoid missing opportunity.

April 6, 2015

Gluten-Free: Only the Tip of the Iceberg?

Simone_BarokeAnalyst Insight by Simone Baroke - Contributing Analyst

Gluten-free food value sales hit US$2.6 billion globally in 2014. Some within the industry claim that the market has peaked and that a decline in demand is imminent. However, considering that coeliac disease remains woefully underdiagnosed, combined with the fact that half the world’s population could potentially develop the condition if exposed to – as yet still unknown! – environmental triggers, it becomes clear that we might only be at the beginning of the gluten-free product tsunami. 

More people diagnosed, but many more still in the dark

Coeliac disease, a condition where the body’s immune system reacts to dietary gluten intake, resulting in damage to the intestinal lining, seems to be on the rise. For example, in Australia, where one in 100 people was previously believed to be affected, more recent research has led to the realisation that one in 60 females and one in 80 males have the condition. Last year, Nottingham University in the UK published a study that showed that there had been a fourfold increase in the diagnosis of coeliac disease in the UK since the 1990s, and the researchers are convinced that three quarters of cases remain undiagnosed. 

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