Imperial Making a Laudable Virtue of Simplicity but More Will be Needed

by November 3rd, 2015

Towards the end of today’s Imperial Tobacco Group preliminary results presentation for the full year 2015, CEO Alison Cooper explicitly drew out the three themes of the company’s current operating bias – simplification, focus and effectiveness. They are themes which the company’s management are eager to press home (the first ten pages of the results […]


Will Growth in Vapor Products Last?

by August 2nd, 2015

Although vapor products are growing in the tobacco market, the category is vulnerable to taxation and restrictions. Euromonitor believes the vapor products category could reach about US$50 Billion in 2030, however, vapor products will remain a fraction of the total tobacco market in the short to medium term. Although vapor products are growing in the […]


Tobacco Market Forecast in India

by July 14th, 2015

Listen as MP3 Cigarettes volume sales in India recorded a faster decline in 2014 as compared to 2013. The faster volume decline is likely to continue over the forecast period 2015-2019 as well. While the sharper decline was triggered by the two consecutive excise duty hikes in 2014, the Indian government continues to contemplate on […]


A Recap of the Cigarettes Market in 2014

by July 12th, 2015

Cigarette volumes declined in 2014 across all regions except for Asia-Pacific, which was sustained only by China. By excluding China from the global outlook, cigarettes declined by 2.5 percent. The Russian market is a particular cause of concern for tobacco manufacturers with prospects of future tax increases, control measures and economic instability. Cigarette volumes declined […]


Will Graphic Health Warnings on Cigarette Packages Dissuade Lithuanian Smokers?

by July 6th, 2015

Recently the Lithuanian Government agreed that in autumn cigarette packages sold in Lithuania will need to be marked with graphic pictures showing the dire health consequences of smoking. This is assumed to dissuade people from smoking. Generally speaking, there is no clear evidence that graphic health warnings, however ugly, have a significant discernible impact on […]


The E-Cigarettes Market: Past, Present and Future

by June 23rd, 2015

Demand for alternatives for traditional combustible and smokeless tobacco products has surged since 2005 when electronic cigarettes first appeared in the US and Chinese markets. Now, sales of vapour products have eclipsed nicotine-replacement products. This video tracks the evolution of this young industry and provides forecasts for the future. Watch the video for complete insights. […]