Tissue and Hygiene

The Divide Between Disposable and Textile-Based Incontinence Products

by October 15th, 2015

Confitex, a New Zealand-based incontinence product, is making headlines after a product showing at New Zealand fashion week in August 2015. This focus on fashionable incontinence products highlights the divide between textile-based and disposable incontinence products. Although many disposable products are focused on their consumers living more active lifestyles, brands such as Confitex are looking […]

Green Diapers: Balancing Demand and Expectations

by September 20th, 2015

American consumers have become more aware of the ingredients that make up their everyday household products, and concerns over product composition have also been manifesting themselves within the American nappy/diaper category. In 2014, the US nappies/diapers/pants category was flat in constant retail value terms at US$5.9 billion and saw less than 1% growth in volume […]

Euromonitor to Speak at OUTLOOK 2015

by September 13th, 2015

Event: OUTLOOK 2015 – The World's Premier Nonwoven Personal Care Products and Hygiene Conference Date: 25 September 2015 Location: Athens, Greece Presentation: Global absorbent hygiene marketplace and the rising power of female consumers: challenges and opportunities for growth Presented by: Svetlana Uduslivaia, Head of Tissue & Hygiene Research at Euromonitor  

Euromonitor to Speak at INDA Hygenix 2015

by September 4th, 2015

Event Name: INDA Hygienix “The Premier Event for Absorbent Hygiene + Personal Care Markets” Event Date: October 26-29, 2015 Location: St. Petersburg, FL Event Description: Because we've combined the best of both INSIGHT and VISION to create a conference that's the global pinnacle of technological innovation. Hygienix features some of the world's most notable thought […]

Introducing Passport Institutional Channels

by July 20th, 2015

Passport Institutional Channels helps you understand the full global potential for products and services in the private and public business-to-business marketplace. Through the evaluation of channels in 24 countries, Passport Institutional Channels helps you analyse target markets and end users, examine market opportunities and threats and identify the most effective routes to market. To learn […]

Nigeria in Focus: Dynamic Baby Diapers Marketplace

by June 4th, 2015

As Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest and increasingly diversified economy, with rising disposable incomes and levels of education, urbanization and ongoing investments into infrastructure development, Nigeria’s marketplace has seen significant growth across a number of consumer goods, including absorbent hygiene products. Within retail absorbent hygiene, nappies/diapers/pants is the largest category by value and volume in the country. […]