Beauty and Personal Care

Euromonitor to Speak at Indian Home & Personal Care Conference 2017

by March 23rd, 2017

Event Name: Indian Home & Personal Care Conference Date: 26th April 11.50 am – 12.20 am Location: Mumbai, India Link to Event: Event Description: The Indian Home & Personal Care conference will be conducted alongside the International Exhibition on Ingredients for Home, Personal & Institutional Care [HPIC India 2017]. The theme of the conference is […]

Pollution: A Business Opportunity for Cosmetics Ingredients (Part 2)

by March 21st, 2017

Leading global cosmetics companies are turning to a full spectrum of promising antipollution ingredients, ranging from plant extracts, vitamins or antioxidant complexes, through ingredients that simply create a physical barrier between the skin and the pollutants, to promising ingredients with metal chelating or magnetic properties that are claimed to prevent the pollutant from interacting with […]

Pollution: A Business Opportunity for Cosmetics Ingredients (Part 1)

by March 14th, 2017

Antipollution cosmetics, a well-established trend in Asia Pacific due to the dangerous levels of air pollution, is now going global, driven by a growing consumer desire for a healthy look. Western consumers are increasingly looking for cosmetics with benefits that not only fight the signs of ageing but also protect against pollutants. Growing urban pollution […]

Euromonitor to Speak at Cosmobeauty Seoul 2017

by March 12th, 2017

Event Name: Cosmobeauty Seoul 2017 Date: April 27th -29th Location: Seoul, South Korea Link to Event: Event Description: The great business market for cosmetics & beauty industry. The 31st edition of COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL, founded in 1987, represents Korean cosmetics & beauty industry and is the most renowned exhibition of its kind in terms of […]

Digitise to Humanise: What Can the Beauty Industry Learn from Sephora?

by March 11th, 2017

A paradox it may seem, but trading-in the humble human for digital prowess in order to heighten engagement and a personalised service, has given beauty specialist retailer Sephora that industry-coveted je ne sais quoi. So whilst buzzwords like authenticity continue to plague the conversation in beauty, how is Sephora’s powerful digital undercurrent carrying it to […]

Euromonitor to Speak at in-Cosmetics Global 2017

by February 2nd, 2017

Euromonitor International is pleased to partner and speak at in-cosmetics global this year. Date: 4-6 April, 2017 Location: Excel Centre, London (UK) Conference: In-cosmetics is the leading international event for personal care ingredients. Whether you are involved in R&D, formulation, science, distribution, testing or marketing, in-cosmetics is the must attend annual event. In-cosmetics brings together […]

Income and Wealth Distribution Exposes the Market Potential of Fast-Fashion Beauty

by February 1st, 2017

A recently published global briefing entitled Colour Cosmetics Make a Bid for Staple Status: New Growth Concepts Drive Demand explores how in an era of upheaval in colour cosmetics, new genres of brands are disrupting the marketplace with their nimble networking and ability to instantly gratify. Over in the merciless and vast mass arena, fashion for […]

Fashion Friday: Are Probiotics Promising Cosmetic Ingredients or Marketing Tools?

by and January 27th, 2017

More consumers are basing purchasing decisions on wellness priorities, giving greater attention to the functional aspect of a product formulation. Probiotic-based beauty leverages this trend, exhibited in a recent wave of innovative start-ups focused on probiotics. This development, however, comes with challenges attributed to technical barriers in making probiotic-based beauty viable, and rivals claiming to […]

The Impact of Anti-Pollution Ingredients on Beauty and Personal Care

by January 10th, 2017

Anti-pollution ingredients are not just a fashion trend but are likely here to stay. In fact, pollution protection is becoming as essential as UV protection, especially in highly polluted megacities. Consumer’s needs around the world are driving the demand for urban cosmetics specially designed for city life. This opens up worldwide opportunities to market new […]