Economy, Finance and Trade China: Heightened Capital Flight is a Key Risk China Faces

by April 10th, 2017

Euromonitor International’s China Economy, Finance and Trade Country Briefing, focuses on the world’s largest economy (in purchasing power parity terms) which is currently facing major internal as well as external risks. Despite continued economic deceleration, China has been successful in rebalancing toward services and consumption led economic growth. Nonetheless, the country continues to face downside […]

Economy, Finance and Trade Ireland: Twin Challenges of Brexit and Trump

by March 1st, 2017

Euromonitor International’s Ireland Economy, Finance and Trade Country Briefing, focuses on one of the world’s most attractive investment destinations, offering an extremely favourable tax regime. This makes Ireland very appealing to foreign firms, resulting in extremely large FDI inflows, particularly from the US and UK. According to IBM’s 2016 Global Locations Trend’s report, Ireland continued […]

Analysing India’s Union Budget for 2017

by and February 25th, 2017

India’s Union Budget 2017 continued its focus on the rural sector and infrastructural activity striving to enhance overall competitiveness, increasing job growth through investment and boosting consumption levels. Furthermore, it focused on increasing the quality of life by empowering several segments of the society and imposing reforms to make the economy more transparent and develop […]

The Projected Impact of the India Union Budget on the Economy

by March 19th, 2016

India’s economy is facing challenges such as high public debt, weak private investment and struggling agriculture. In 2016’s union budget, the government has made attempts to face these challenges, as it aims to reduce fiscal deficit and increase agricultural employment especially to rural areas. Finally, the relaxation of FDI restrictions will boost private investment. For […]

Fashion Friday: The Expanding Affordable Luxury Goods Market in Asia Pacific

by and February 26th, 2016

Luxury Goods in Asia Pacific have not fared well, suffering from weak economic stability. However, this has given a rise to affordable luxury goods in the country. These goods cater to consumers with lower spending power but who want to upgrade to luxury items. Large consumer markets, growing income levels, growing urban areas and a […]