Charging Infrastructure Needs to be Improved for Faster Electric Car Adoption

by May 19th, 2017

Electric car sales continue to witness double-digit growth rates with more than one million electric cars forecast to be sold in 2017, marking an important tipping point for eco-friendly cars. Improving battery technologies and decreasing electric car prices contribute to expanding electric car sales. However, charging infrastructure remains underdeveloped and needs to be improved in […]

Kurios Lietuvos pramonės ir paslaugų sritys bus svarbiausios 2025 metais?

by January 6th, 2017

Prognozuojama, jog Lietuvos ekonomika 2017-2025 metais išlaikys augimo tempą, o bendra gamybos ir paslaugų sektoriaus vertė 2025 metais sieks atitinkamai 37.7 ir 21.9 milijardo eurų. Gamybos sektoriuje dominuos maisto ir gėrimų pramonė, tačiau jos gamybos augimą lėtins mažėjanti vidaus rinka ir didelė konkurencija eksporto rinkose. Kitos gamybos šakos, tokios kaip inžinerinė pramonė bei baldų ir […]

Industry 4.0: German Car Industry Introduces Collaborative Robots

by October 3rd, 2016

The automotive industry is already one of the most automated globally, but the German car industry is planning to increase its levels of automation even further by introducing collaborative robots on assembly lines for the first time. Collaborative robots are anticipated to help an ageing workforce in German factories cope with the workload. In addition, […]

Autonomous Vehicles Impact – Motor Vehicles Industry

by August 10th, 2016

The first fully autonomous cars are expected to arrive by 2025-2030, although car manufacturers see driverless technologies as essential to their future and are already investing in new systems. However, despite the manufacturers’ enthusiasm, autonomous vehicles could erode private demand for new cars, in turn forcing car producers to look for alternative revenue streams, such as […]

Key Trends in Industry for 2016

by , , , , and April 19th, 2016

  This year, Euromonitor International is proud to announce global briefings as part of its Passport Industrial research database. The research includes nine industries such as pharmaceuticals, railways, banking and pesticides. In this video, our industrial team identifies key trends in their areas of research for 2016. Watch on YouTube

Automobilių pramonė – sėkmė nepaisant skandalų

by March 4th, 2016

Pozityvūs rezultatai Vokietijoje 2015 metai Vokietijos automobilių pramonei buvo sėkmingi. Vokietijos automobilių gamintojų asociacija skelbia, kad 2015 m. Vokietijoje iš viso pagaminta 5.7 milijono lengvųjų automobilių. Tai 2% daugiau nei 2014 m. Didžioji dalis automobilių buvo eksportuota į užsienio rinkas. Pagal Vokietijos automobilių gamintojų asociacijos duomenis, 2015 m. eksportas sudarė 4.4 milijono naujų automobilių. Tai […]

The VW Emissions Scandal and its Impact on German Automotive Industry and Suppliers

by October 27th, 2015

Volkswagen Group is coping with emissions scandal that is expected to weigh on group’s financial performance. The company estimates that the emissions scandal will cost up to €40 billion. In order to prepare for the possible losses, Volkswagen plans cost cutting measures to mitigate expected costs. The measures are expected to include cuts in investment […]

Reducing CO2 Emissions in Europe

by August 11th, 2015

The European Commission aims to reduce CO2 emissions by thirty percent to 2030 in three key industries – transportation, housing and agriculture. Car manufacturers in Europe fear that these new requirements will require significant investments in new technologies. Although the European Union offers monetary support for these technologies, it may not be enough and automotive […]