WWDC 2019 – A Busy Year for Apple

WWDC2019 is one of the most action packed in recent memory with so many new developments by Apple. The Cupertino giant is pulling no punches as the company looks to services to drive revenues to compensate for the decline in iPhone sales. Apple refreshed and updated iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS and added a new OS developed specifically for iPads. HomePod was also refreshed and more work was done to protect user’s privacy (Android’s Achilles’ heel).  Here are highlights from the WWDC event:

iPadOS joining its older siblings

Apple is pushing iPad to become a laptop replacement and drive its revenues with larger screen models like iPad Pro. Having its own OS becomes a necessity instead of running on an upsized iOS designed for smartphone’s smaller display. iPadOS can better utilise the larger real estate of iPad’s screen, optimize multi-tasking and provide a better browsing experience.

Voice Control for users with special needs

Amidst the excitement of announcements, Voice Control might have been lost or overlooked. Users can control their Apple devices completely with just vocal commands. The video demonstration made by Apple was quite impressive and kudos to Apple for ensuring that everyone can be included into the digital domain.

Source: Apple

iTunes to be replaced with three apps

iTunes was a necessary evil for iPods (the device that started Apple’s revival) and continued its unwelcome stay on Apple devices and PC for 18 years! Even Craig Federighi (Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering) joked about iTunes (“Customers love iTunes”). With the introduction of iPadOS into the already burgeoning OS family, it makes sense for Apple to replace iTunes. The world has already moved on the apps!