World Pasta Day 2012

Date: October 25, 2012
Location: Hotel Camino Real Santa Fe, Mexico City

Since 1995, The World Pasta Day has been an international celebration of pasta. Now in its 17th year, this year’s event will take place in Mexico City. Delegates from various countries will discuss the state of the industry, exchanging ideas and experiences.

In his presentation, Jared Koerten, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International, will examine the current state of the global pasta industry. Several drivers of market growth will be identified, including the regions, new product innovations and health and wellness claims that are moving pasta forward. The global competitive landscape for pasta will also be considered from both the manufacturer and retailer perspective, including new marketing campaigns and advertising initiatives. Finally, the discussion will turn to the future and analyse potential prospects, threats, and growth opportunities in this dynamic industry.

For more information, please visit the World Pasta Day website.