Retail Asia Top 500 Ranking

Euromonitor International is pleased to once again partner with Retail Asia as the official information provider for the 14th edition of the Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500 rankings.

In 2016, the region’s top 500 retailers recorded total sales of US $940 billion, an increase of 5% on the previous year. Despite slowing growth in China and Japan, South-east Asian economies performed well in 2016 with many retailers in India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam experienced double-digit sales growth.

Asia-Pacific also continues to lead the digital commerce market. In 2016, mobile retailing sales totalled US $328 billion, an increase of 64% and in China, Indonesia and South Korea, mobile commerce accounted for over 50% of total digital commerce.

To find out which companies/brands are at the top of this list, download your copy of the top 40 retailers in the region, ranked in order of total US$ sales per year.


The Retail Asia top 500 ranking is an accumulation of Euromonitor International’s retailing data and analysis ranking the top retailers from 14 key economies across Asia-Pacific in terms of total sales, the number of outlets, sales area (sqm) and sales per sqm.