Consumers in the Digital World: Hyperconnectivity and Technology Trends

250_hyperconnectivitySurvey-v1.0Internet-connected consumers in both developed and emerging markets are expanding their use of technology in everyday life, leading to significant changes in how they interact with the world around them.

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Did you know that 67% of smartphone users rely on their phone for GPS navigation and 33% use the device to book a taxi or car service. However, consumers still favour larger-screen devices such as computers and tablets when they sit down to stream a video or television show.

Internet-connected consumers in emerging markets, particularly India and China, are leading the way in online shopping. For example, 87% of internet-connected consumers in China typically purchase apparel online, as do 73% in India. However, virtual shopping is not the norm in all emerging markets; just 45 percent of online consumers in Russia and 47 percent in the Middle East buy clothes via the Internet.

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