What are You Doing for Your World? Green Week 2016

This week at Euromonitor we’re celebrating our 4th annual global Green Week.  Although our direct impact on the environment is relatively small we are keen to ensure a continued commitment to reducing it wherever we can.

Green Week is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness amongst our staff members of the difference they can make.  Going green doesn’t have to be hard.  You can begin small with every day things such as recycling.   In our London office we’ve launched food recycling this week with a goal of reducing the amount of general waste we generate and our Cape Town, Singapore and Tokyo offices are all holding awareness raising activities to increase their recycling rate.

As we all go about our daily tasks it is easy to lose the green focus, this week is an opportunity for us to remind staff members of our wider goals and actions and encourage them to help us make a difference.  We have a global commitment to reduce our energy consumption by 5%, staff actions are key to our success and throughout green week those remembering to switch off get rewards and prizes.  As a global company flight emissions form a large part of our impact on the environment.  Since 2012 we’ve been balancing the carbon emissions from unavoidable flights via the World Land Trust Carbon Balance Programme and last year we partnered with a second organisation, Save the Orangutan.  We’re working with them to reforest the area of Rantau Upak in Mawas Indonesia Borneo.

We’re also using the week to encourage our staff members to get active in their local communities.  A team from our Bangalore office are spending a morning helping to maintain and nurture saplings planted near Jakkur Lake by the organisation Say Trees.   In Sao Paulo volunteer staff members are delivering a recyclable material puppet building workshop for 145 children from CEPAC, an NGO that helps children and adolescents from a disadvantage neighbourhood in Barueri city.  Whilst in London 20 staff members are spending a day at a local primary school in Islington to assist with an outdoor-focused environmental education project called Plant Environment.  Many of the children at the school do not have gardens or access to green space at home.  Plant Environment gives them the chance to interact positively with nature, growing food and developing spaces for wildlife in their school grounds.

Euromonitor’s Green Week is about encouraging and enabling our staff members to conserve and protect the world in which we live.  If we can convince every one of our employees to adopt one simple measure, and everyone who reads this blog, imagine how green and eco-friendly our world could become.