2017 Retailing Top Trends in Latin America

Euromonitor International will be presenting on Wednesday, 15th of March the Webinar: ‘2017 Retailing Top Trends in Latin America’.

Over the last few years, the Latin American retail industry has been affected by changing economic conditions. This has impacted the structure of retail channels and resulted in major shifts. Euromonitor analysts will explore the recent changes in the region’s retail landscape, including the restructure of traditional channels, rise of mobile commerce and development of cross-border internet retailing.

According to Euromonitor latest report, traditional channels, which account for 98% of all grocery outlets in Latin America, have been losing ground to modern channels. As the region’s digital connectivity improves and consumers become more comfortable making online purchases abroad, cross-border e-commerce has become an important driver of online sales. Moreover, governments’ incentives have also contributed to the increase of online purchases from international websites.

The analysts will also present case studies and discuss how companies can plan successful strategies to adapt to the new environment.

To watch the webinar live on Wed 15th at 8:30AM CST, please register for free: http://go.euromonitor.com/webinar-RET-2017-Retail-Trends-Latin-America-2017.html