WTM Global Trends Report 2010


In cooperation with the World Travel Market, Euromonitor International launched the  2010 Global Trends Report, the results of which were revealed at the WTM conference in London from November 8-11. This year, Euromonitor focused on seven regions, highlighting a key trend in each.

Nadejda Popova, Travel and Tourism Research Analyst at Euromonitor, explains the recent tourism boost in post-war Iraq and how travel operators have recently set foot in the country. Popova also explains the recent trend of Middle Eastern investment in the UK, specifically as a tactic to diversify investments away from crude oil.

Angelo Rossini, Travel and  Tourism Research Analyst at Euromonitor, highlights the recent applications of smart phones to the travel and tourism industry. He explains how most travelers with smart phones always have them on and are constantly getting information from them. As a result, these phones are able to use geolocation technology to gather information about the places travelers are visiting and offer services such as online flight check-ins.

Rossini also touches on the tourism industry in Latin America. In South America in particular, new ways of tourism are helping to draw travelers to the area. Changes are being made from traditional sites to eco-tourism, rural tourism and adventure tourism. 

Lastly, Caroline Bremner, Head of Global Travel and Tourism discusses the North American trend of using health and wellness to forget about economic hardships. Boot camps are becoming popular as a vacation option, with shows like The Biggest Loser gaining popularity in North America.

Bremner explains how Africa is offering space and astronomy tourism, with hotels offering astrological tours and telescopes inside one’s room. According to Euromonitor, Africa has the potential to become a future space port, challenging the Americas and Middle East in offering such facilities.

Finally, Bremner focuses on Asia and how scent marketing is all the rage. Scents are being used in hotels and destinations to make visits a more pleasurable experience for guests. Technology is aiding the cause, with examples such as the scented billboard.

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