Work/Life Balance at Euromonitor


As a business, Euromonitor International prides itself on providing an environment, policies and practices which enable all staff at all levels to be able to balance work with other responsibilities.

For some people this is about balancing work with family responsibilities, for others it is about being able to be more actively involved in interests and hobbies outside of work, whilst still being able to hold an exciting, challenging, professional and senior role.

Key factors in our approach include core hours, a commitment to ensuring that employees are able to fit their job into normal working hours and an avoidance of management by presenteeism.

Core hours enable staff to choose their start and finish times each day. For those working in large cities this can mean a more comfortable commute, and for many this allows them to be far more involved in responsibility for childcare.

Our open approach on people working from home on an occasional basis ensures that employees are able to be available at home when domestic needs arise, without needing to take time from valuable holiday allowances. Building on this, employees are also able to make individual professional decisions on where they can be most productive, whilst also reducing any unnecessary commuting time and cost.

We are clearly able to see the positive impact of these policies by measuring feedback from current employees, reviewing what we are told through our exit interviews and monitoring our staff retention rates.

Glassdoor further confirmed that we are leading the pack in the area of work life balance, by acknowledging us as the UK’s Top Employer for work life balance.

It is well known that we all perform better when we have a better balance between work and our lives and are rested. The policies and practices which Euromonitor International holds close and forms a core part of our culture is to actually live these values. Driving them from the top and having them cascade all the way through the organisation.

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