Vegan Certification in Beauty and Personal Care


Vegan certification is of growing importance in Beauty and Personal care, and is one of the 150+ claims and positionings that are analyzed across 11 industries in the Passport system Product Claims and Positioning.

The chart below shows the trend of cruelty free and vegan beauty brands according to Google search popularity.

Over the last five years, cruelty free makeup has lost interest among consumers, while vegan makeup is emerging as a strong new trend. North America is the leading region for vegan beauty, with skin care and colour cosmetics driving both cruelty free and vegan claims. Globally, the share of vegan and cruelty free labelled products from beauty giants Loreal and Estee Lauder is below 1%, but their size makes them numbers one and two respectively in vegan beauty, evaluated by the number of vegan SKUs.

The vegan beauty trend is also being driven by indie brands, such as Revolution Beauty in the UK, and Iroiro and Arctic Fox in the US.

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