The Shift in Consumer Electronics in Eastern Europe


Euromonitor International Research Analyst Mantas Kaluina gives a detailed overview of the state of the consumer electronics industry in Eastern Europe. Laptops have been responsible for the bulk of computer sales in the last five years, and recently, netbook sales have been on the rise. This is mainly due to the following factors:

  • Price reduction on laptops and netbooks
  • Strong marketing promotions from manufactures and distributors
  • The increasing number of internet users in Eastern Europe

There is a lot of buzz in Eastern Europe regarding newer gadgets, such as the iPod and eBook readers, but iPods have yet to penetrate the market due to several factors:

  • They are still new to the market
  • They are too expensive for the average European consumer – iPods are sold at double the price there compared to the US
  • They don’t have as many features as laptops or netbooks, which are comparable in price

3D TVs have also created quite a buzz, but there are several obstacles standing in the way of mainstream distribution:

  • High price
  • Need for special glasses
  • Limited content in 3D

Smartphone sales, however, are booming in Eastern Europe. Kaluina gives several reasons for their popularity:

  • They are fashionable, which is important to Eastern European consumers
  • Mobile internet prices are becoming cheaper
  • Consumers have many different types of smartphones to choose from

Old technology is slowly getting replaced in Eastern Europe: HDTVs are taking the place of analog TVs, smartphones are replacing cell phones, and Blu-Ray players are replacing DVD players. Consumers will continue to move away from single-purpose devices to convenient multi-purpose, energy efficient devices.

Mobile phones, digital TVs, and laptops continue to drive sales in Eastern Europe. They are the most widely used electronics, and manufacturers continue to produce innovative products in these categories.

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