The Consumer Appliance Industry in Morocco


Consumer Appliances Industry Analyst at Euromonitor International, Lorenza Della-Santa, gives a brief overview of the consumer appliance market in Morocco. Morocco suffered only mildly during the economic downturn, and the consumer appliance market was only marginally affected there. In the worst years of the recession, Morocco held a 3% growth rate in the consumer appliance market. Euromonitor expects the appliance market in Morocco to grow, posting a 7.5% CAGR in the next five years. The main drivers for this are:

  • An increasing GDP per capita
  • Better access to credit

Della-Santa explains that there is a debate over the impact of the recession on the consumer appliance market in Morocco, mainly due to the complexity of the market. In Morocco, the gray market still plays an important role, and appliances sold through the gray market are usually 15-20% cheaper than normal. Additionally, independent retailers are still prevalent in the country.  Both the gray market and independent retailers make the appliance market in Morocco difficult to track.

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