Rebuilding Russia: Looking Past the Recession


Part Two of this video series on Euromonitor’s Market Insight Seminar, held in Moscow, Russia, features the studies of Research Analyst Dr. Aleksey Bakshaev, Research Manager Matthias Kaiser, and Business Development Manager Aleksandr Levichev.

Like the rest of the world, Russia experienced a recession in 2009, but it’s economy is recovering faster than anticipated. There will be no significant changes in consumer trends over the upcoming years, and the economy is not expected to hit pre-crisis levels for some time.

However, due to increased consumer interest in premium products and the line between private label and branded products diminishing, retailers are experiencing new opportunities. On the contrary, manufactures are being threatened by these changes.

Opportunities for retailers and manufacturers alike lie within clearer targeting of consumer segments which were not properly marked before the recession. An example of this is considering children as a consumer group.

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